Sensor data: What it reveals about workforce & workplace

Given the amount of wasted space to be found in the average corporate office, it’s not surprising that so many organizations are looking to make better use of space to reduce property expenses. However, optimizing the workplace is no longer only about cutting costs: it’s increasingly about improving employee experience.

by on August 27, 2018



Selecting the right facility management software

Selecting the best integrated workplace management software (IWMS) for your needs is the key to getting the most from this useful tool. If you’ve never used a digital IWMS or CAFM system before, or are unsatisfied with your current program, this guide will help you make an ideal selection when the time comes.

by on May 9, 2018



5 Creative Ways to Implement an Agile Workplace

Even though you’re sold on the benefits of an agile workspace design, and even though you’ve gotten the C-suite to buy in, your biggest challenge will probably be getting the rest of the company to fall in love with the new office design and layout – and changes to the way they are used to working.

by on January 27, 2018



How can facility management services be improved?

No matter what area of business you’re in, innovation is the key to staying ahead. How can you do what you’re already doing…but better? Look at every new smartphone iteration or the annual release of vehicles and you’ll see the same concept, continually refined.

by on November 20, 2011



How can facilities management add value?

To understand the value of good facilities management, it’s vital to look at its core functions. Where and how do facilities touch business operations? Identifying the links between facilities and operations allows managers to develop strategies for creating and maximizing value at every level.

by on March 20, 2011



Coworking space management software

The rise of the agile workplace has shed light on the need for facility managers to control as many variables related to workspaces as possible. The more you control, the easier it is to coordinate spaces in real-time, at the drop of a hat. Nothing exemplifies this better than coworking spaces.

by on March 20, 2011



Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Space Planning Software

What should you ask when considering a space management software? Some of the best questions are the most basic ones. Consider the biggest, most important questions you have and start there. Below are five simple questions that deserve answers before you proceed with a space management software investment.

by on February 20, 2009