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No matter the size or scale of your organization, our Workplace and Asset product tiers are designed to help your business thrive.


Get your workplace up and running with space reservations, floorplan mapping, and workspace management.

Key features

  • Oversee the daily operations of your workplace.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Import and synchronize floorplans.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Enable space reservations with mobile employee app.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Coordinate office moves.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Manage office service requests.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Add on integrated visitor management to simplify check-ins.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Take your workplace to the next level with rich utilization data, sensors, and stack planning.

Everything in Core plus

  • Manage complex workplace environments.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Schedule office services and day-to-day upkeep of your spaces.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Understand space utilization with advanced stack planning.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Manage lease contracts.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Broadcast announcements to your employees in the app.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Customize your package with add-on features.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Get up and running with an asset management solution that offers preventive maintenance, asset cataloguing, and simple service request management.

Key features

  • Oversee assets in your single-use building or floor.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Build an asset registry with barcode scanning.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Assign service tasks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Create preventive maintenance schedules.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Manage parts utilization with barcode scanning.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Take your asset management to the next level with inventory tracking, work order coordination, inspections, and business intelligence.

Everything in Core plus

  • Oversee assets across your multi-use building.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Set up inspection schedules and safety checks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Track inventory and stock levels.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Customize service request workflows.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Set up inspection schedules and safety checks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Get a comprehensive view of asset performance, costs, and more.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Get full-suite asset management with downtime tracking, automated task management, and extensive integrations.

Everything in Advanced plus

  • Oversee assets across multiple locations and uses.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Generate reports on asset downtime costs.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Automate maintenance task management.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Plan and categorize labor outputs.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Manage purchase orders.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  • Get developer API access and integrate with external tools.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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Our features

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Core Advanced
Space planning
Import floor plans from AutoCAD and Revit
Configure workspaces for modern work
Search floor plans for people, amenitites, and assets
Manage location directory and hierarchy
Block and stack planning with a floor plan view
Automatically update seat assignment based on proximity
Manage your global office lease terms
Integrate with sensor technologies $
Office moves
Schedule office moves for individuals or groups
Create move request tickets
Review move requests in a queue and calendar view
Print labels for boxes and new seat assignments
Configure move approval workflows
Visualize move scenarios for individuals or groups
Service requests
Enable your workforce to subimit service requests
View all requests in a single view
Prioritize and automatically assign tickets
Schedule preventive maintenance tickets
Manage third-party vendors
Create an invoice for third-party maintenance contractors
Booking rooms
Configure room schedules and booking policies
Book spaces on-demand or in advance
Search for rooms based on capacity, space type , and department
Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar $
Find available spaces on a floorplan
Restrict rooms for VIPs and admin-only reservations
Display room schedule on native room panel app
Booking desks
Configure assigned desks and open seating
Flexibility to enable hot desking and desk hoteling
Profile desk amenities
Locate desks on a floor plan and with wayfinding
Restricted rules for desks and neighborhoods
Pair desks with occupancy sensors for automated check-in
Employee experience mobile app
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Microsoft Outlook Add-in
Reserve spaces on wayfinding kiosks
Conference room panel to see the room schedule and book space
Locate a colleague or space in the office
Reserve a meeting space and workstation on the mobile app
Create a service request
Add catering requests to a meeting
Order an Uber and Lyft to the office
Order food through DoorDash and GrubHub
Broadcast Special Announcements
Receive package alerts $ $
Visitor management
Create visitor workflows $ $
Provide digital logbook to lobby hospitality and security teams $ $
Enable visitor pre-registration $ $
Fully customizable iPad lobby app for check in $ $
Guest access with QR codes and access cards $ $
Integrate with access control systems $ $
Cross-reference visitor list with watch lists $ $
Manage emergency evacuations and drills $ $
Extension to Microsoft Outlook and visitor notifications $ $
Configure eSign NDAs and identity verification $ $
Mail room operations
Manage inbound and outbound mail for your office $
Scan parcels to create a receiving and shipping manifest $
Add handling instructions for specific employees or groups $
Capture recipient signatures and proof of delivery $
Print and copy room operations
Enable employees to submit print and copy requests $
Create price estimates and approval workflow $
Chargeback to an indivdual, team, or cost center $
Track the scope of production, supplies used, and meter readings $
Workplace intelligence and reporting
Create custom reports and dashboards to support workplace operations
Export analytics to csv, PDF, and other file formats
Schedule hybrid work reports on reservation activity
Uncover no-show meeting behavior
Find out which meetings are repeatedly missed
Analyze move requests and schedule
Stack reporting to optimize space requirements
Visitor Analytics
Review daily inbound and outbound mail room tasks $
Copy room chargeback reporting $
Measure space utilization with badge and sensor integrations $

Security, platform, user management
Secure log-in with two-factor authentication
GDPR Compliant
Single sign-on (Okta)
Automated User Provisioning $ $
Support and implementation services
24/7 support
Dedicated platform status page with RSS feed
Instant device downtime alerts
Professional services for implementations $ $
Asset management
Create and maintain a catalogue all of your assets
Generate barcodes to efficiently track equipment
Customize asset objects and attributes
Create and track asset downtime events
Track parts and components that are installed to equipment
Work order management
Assign work orders to technicians
Manage technician labor hours
Calculate work order costs
Schedule preventive maintenance
Create a library of common service procedures
Establish maintenance procedures with bill of materials and instructions
Match maintenance procedures with parts inventory
Group common maintenance procedures to streamline efficiency
Manage third-party vendors
Assign work orders to third-party vendors
Assign purchase orders to third-party vendors
Create custom workflows for new work orders
Realize regulatory compliance with inspection schedules
Route inspection faliures into a defect management program
Assign labor rates based on the job, individual, location, and more
Provide third-party vendors with a portal to manage their tickets
Track technician work hours with clock-in/ clock-out
Optimize technician schedules on an interactive planning board
Maintenance request management
Configure maintenance request portal
Personalize the request portal for your brand
Customize request portal fields
Host multiple request portals for complex use cases
Create a maintenance request by email
Automatically assign tickets based on custom rules
Parts, inventory, and purchase orders
Create and maintain a catalogue all of your parts
Generate barcodes to efficiently track parts
Quantify and adjust the number of parts available in your inventory
Distinguish the difference between stocked and non-stocked parts
Manage multiple locations for where your parts are located Add-on
Transfer parts from one location to another
Create purchase orders from a work order for third-party vendors
Issue purchase orders to restock supplies from preferred vendors
Establish accounts receivable invoices manually or from work orders $ $
Control prices and markups for parts and services $ $
Create customer profiles to track work orders and invoices $ $
Technician and operator experience
Receive and document the details of work orders
Continue to document maintenance details without access to internet
Add media, like pictures, to asset records and work orders
Look up and edit asset information, including work order history
Scan asset and part barcodes to quickly access to right record
Safety inspection checklist and attestations for operators
Confirm physical inventory with cycle counting
Extend past inspections and pending defect details to operators
Communicate asset downtime to all users on the go Add-on
Tire tracking
Catalogue all of the tires mounted to your fleet $ $
See the history and maintenance of tires mounted to vehicles $ $
Maintain an inventory of fresh tires $ $
Schedule tire maintenance, rotations, and replacement $ $
Configure axel schemas for each vehicle type in your fleet $ $
Monitor tire prices against performance $ $
Security, platform, user management
Import your asset registry, parts, and vendor list
Allocate expenses to different cost centers
Secure log-in with two-factor authentication
GDPR Compliant
Single sign-on (Okta)
Translated into 13 languages
Customize user access levels
Create or modify operating expenses and credits in your ledger
Control user access to specific parts of the product
Access to developer APIs
Integrations with popular design, build, and telematics technologies
Partition data from one operating location to the next
Automated User Provisioning $ $ $
Support and implementation services
24/7 support
Dedicated platform status page with RSS feed
Instant device downtime alerts
Professional services for implementations $ $ $
Asset management intelligence
Create reports and dashboards to support asset operations
Review upcoming and past work orders
Measure the asset lifecycle and total cost of ownership
Understand labor allocation and capacity
Customize reports based on any attribute available
Automaticaly generate and deliver reports on custom schedule
Measure the ratio of corrective to preventive maintenance
Forecast consumed and received parts in inventory
Get a snapshot of your parts inventory and inventory valuation
Analyze how quickly work orders are completed
Inspect the cause of asset downtime and failures
Analyze downtime events, cumuliative downtime, and mean time to faliure
Multi-location parts inventory, consumption details, and valuation
Control asset management spending with purchasing analysis

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Annual subscription

Based on the number of users supported, your annual subscription enables you to optimize your workplace and building operations to help your business thrive.

Powerful portfolio management

By centralizing data formerly housed across servers in three regions, UCHealth can now tie information directly to 3D building models to efficiently manage workspace, office moves, equipment, and portfolio inventories across multiple facilities.

27,000 staff

12 hospitals

99% faster to generate reports than using CAD alone

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are Eptura pricing plans?

    We offer a tiered pricing structure, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits the needs of your business – both in terms of features and price. At every tier and price point, the Eptura Workplace and Asset products provide robust functionality that gives you greater control and visibility over your world of work. Features are packaged together to offer the most valuable experience possible at every level, bearing in mind the unique needs and challenges that your business faces.

  • How do I know which tier is best for me?

  • How will I be billed for these plans?

  • How does the platform scale, and what level of support do you offer?

  • How long does it typically take to implement your product?

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