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Eptura for Business

Optimize your real estate for the new world of work

Drive collaboration and productivity in the workplace to create a better in-office experience for everyone.

Modernize your offices and maximize your real estate

Make the most of your spaces and optimize your facilities management with real-time insights into space utilization and asset conditions.

Streamline your operations

Maximize office efficiency by simplifying key processes such as visitor management and room booking.

Maximize your facilities

Capture and analyze asset maintenance records, so your facilities are always running efficiently.

Improve visitor experiences

Elevate the quality of office visits through seamless visitor management and hassle-free conference room booking.

All-inclusive solution for efficient office management at any scale

Build a collaborative workspace and maximize your real estate ROI with facility management tools tailored to your business needs.

Conference room booking

The business services industries saw 64% growth in room bookings year over year.

Service requests

73% of facility management teams use a digital ticketing system to manage re- quests.

Energy management

87% of workplaces have automated lighting control to reduce energy consumption.

Vendor management

77% of operational leaders outsource at least some of their maintenance work to third-party vendors.

Maintenance planning

84% of maintenance leaders are adopt- ing predictive maintenance approach- es for critical assets.

Space utilization

20% of digital workers say facetime with colleagues motivates them to go into the office.

Building access management

83% of workplaces have automated se- curity systems to monitor and control access.

Remote collaboration

86% of executives say effective management of external contributors is critical to their organization’s performance.

Work order management

Monthly maintenance work orders in- creased 21% year over year.

Space allocation

Only 27% of operational leaders felt they had the right mix of collaboration to desk- space.


Stay ahead of your employees’ needs

With Eptura, you can effortlessly design, maintain, and organize your office facilities.

Planned collaboration

Employees come to the office for the opportunity to work together. Provide them easy collaboration tools that allow them to plan their days in the office, sit near their teammates, and book meeting spaces.

Space optimization

Optimize your office space with Eptura's floorplan management tools for efficient space utilization, improved productivity, and enhanced employee collaboration.

Workplace experience

Deliver an office experience that enables employees’ best work, with simple visitor management, integrated health and safety procedures, and intuitive space booking features.

Energy monitoring

With Eptura, you can easily monitor energy usage in real-time, empowering you to track and analyze consumption patterns, identify areas of inefficiency, and implement energy-saving measures to reduce costs and promote sustainability.

Asset management

Effortlessly manage your office assets with Eptura's streamlined asset management system, ensuring optimal utilization and cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance request automation

Automate maintenance processes with Eptura, allowing you to schedule and track tasks, streamline workflows, and ensure timely repairs, minimizing the impact of downtime on your employees’ workdays.

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Customer success stories

“We are extremely satisfied with Eptura, as the solution optimizes and digitalizes our work in the office.”
CoE Facility Management, ING Deutschland

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