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Eptura for Manufacturing

Streamline manufacturing excellence with proactive asset and facility management software

Eliminate unscheduled downtime, boost productivity, and optimize operations with Eptura’s single-platform solution.

Unplanned downtime costs companies in the manufacturing industry $50 billion each year

Every minute counts in manufacturing, where unscheduled downtime can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. Eptura minimizes downtime, maximizes efficiency, and fuels sustainable growth for your business with workplace and asset management software solutions.

Streamline maintenance processes

Eptura streamlines maintenance processes by providing custom work order templates, scheduling recurring maintenance, and enabling mobile access for inspections and work orders. This increases efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures timely completion of tasks.

Enhance asset and equipment reliability

With Eptura, you can seamlessly implement a preventive maintenance program, minimizing unexpected downtime and reducing costs. By scheduling maintenance, tracking equipment operations, and identifying parts replacement needs, you can keep your equipment running smoothly and avoid disruptions to production.

Increase equipment lifespan

Extend the useful life of your assets with Eptura’s preventive maintenance planning tools. By properly managing and maintaining your equipment, you can reduce failures, optimize performance, and maximize your return on investment. Additionally, Eptura helps you maintain compliance by securely storing inspection reports and providing easy access for audits.

Smarter manufacturing solutions

Our suite of workplace and asset management tools ensures that your production facilities run like clockwork, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Asset management system

60% of companies still use spreadsheets to manage their assets and 50% still use email for ticketing requests.

Digital twins

Digital twin adoption in manufacturing plants to increase by 30% in the next 5 years, as companies recognize the benefits of virtual models for asset management and maintenance.

Conference room scheduling

The manufacturing industry saw 41% growth in room booking year over year.

Vendor management & invoicing

77% of operational leaders outsource their maintenance work to third-party vendors.

Visitor management

In a survey of manufacturers, 72% reported that implementing a visitor security program resulted in improved employee safety and increased productivity.

Preventive maintenance

Unplanned downtime is costing industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion each year.

Maintenance management

The implementation of a computerized maintenance management system can reduce maintenance costs by up to 20% and increase labor productivity by 25%.


Adopting sustainable practices in manufacturing can reduce costs by up to 16%, increase production efficiency by up to 15%, and enhance brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Inventory control & purchasing

A third of manufacturers struggle to align material availability and production demands.

Regulatory compliance

A manufacturing safety hazard can lead to a $15,625 OSHA fine.

Fleet maintenance

An analysis of manufactures fleet vehicles participating in a preventive maintenance program found that they experienced 20% fewer days of downtime per service repair compared to those not in the program.


Optimize production operations

Eptura helps you take control of your manufacturing facilities, from people and workspaces to assets. Centralize maintenance planning, scheduling, and data tracking in one easy-to-use platform.

Asset performance monitoring

Optimize asset performance and ensure compliance with Eptura. Track every aspect of your assets, from machinery to infrastructure, and get detailed reports on budget allocation. Real-time monitoring keeps you informed, allowing proactive decision-making.

Preventive maintenance

Eptura leverages advanced analytics to enable preventive maintenance for critical assets. By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, you can schedule repairs or replacements before a breakdown occurs.

Work order management

Customize work order templates with manufacturer manuals, regulatory inspection details, or health and safety information. Assign, prioritize, and track tasks seamlessly. Whether it’s production, repairs, or vendor services, Eptura streamlines your workflow.

Technician mobile app

Our mobile app equips technicians with QR codes for job details. Receive notifications, stay efficient, complete inspections, and seamlessly log task completions. Eptura ensures your team is always connected and informed.

Energy consumption and tracking

Get real-time monitoring of energy consumption across your manufacturing processes, identifying energy-saving opportunities, and providing insights to optimize energy usage to meet ESG compliance.

Space optimization and reservation technology

Utilize visuals, IoT data, planning, and cost allocation to reconfigure and monitor space usage. Additionally, Eptura streamlines the reservation process for meeting rooms, conference halls, and shared workspaces, efficiently managing and allocating space based on real-time availability and demand.

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Customer success stories

“The lead maintenance mechanic does not enjoy working with computers. But he has adapted very easily to the work order part of Eptura. The work orders are short enough that he does not get lost in them, but they still have the information he needs”
Maintenance Lead, Summers Manufacturing.

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