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Eptura for Software & Tech

Create a dynamic workplace for the new world of work

Maximize collaboration, leverage every inch of real estate, and help your teams embrace hybrid work.

40% of tech leaders expect their real estate portfolios to expand in the next three to five years

Eptura integrates people, workplace, and asset management software to help tech leaders efficiently operate buildings, prioritize cost savings, optimize portfolios and create sustainable future-ready hybrid workspaces for growth.

Improve operational efficiencies

Experience real-time asset visibility, agile workspace management, and seamless collaboration tools that streamline various processes including room and desk reservations, visitor management, space planning, work orders, and preventive maintenance. With Eptura's automation capabilities, you can further optimize operations and eliminate manual tasks.

Make informed decisions with data-led insights

Eptura empowers data-driven decision making, enabling you to make smarter and faster strategic decisions. With customized dashboards, you gain valuable insights into asset performance, workspace utilization, and cost-saving opportunities. This allows you to optimize your real estate footprint and engage in informed strategic planning.

Seamless integration with your everyday tools

Our systems are designed with convenient, out-of-the-box integrations and APIs to optimize your spaces, assets, and teams. Enjoy the powerful benefits of Eptura's asset and workplace solutions without disrupting your existing processes.

Build intelligent real estate portfolios at scale

Create a space that fosters collaboration and maximize your real estate ROI with smart tools built to understand the unique needs of software and tech companies.

Space allocation

Flexible seating arrangements, such as hot desks and open floor plans, constitute over 50% of office space in tech companies in 2023, compared to 30% in 2019.

Service request tickets

50% of companies still use email for ticket- ing requests.

Energy management

Lighting consumes 17% of energy in modern offices.

Conference room scheduling

The software and technology industries saw 37% growth in room bookings year over year.

Neighborhoods and collaboration areas

Tech organizations office neighborhood designs can improve collaboration by up to 60%, resulting in a significant boost in employee engagement and creativity.

Work order management

87% of software and tech facilities managers believe that using mobile devices to manage work orders improves productivity and reduces downtime.

Space utilization data

54% of operational leaders report on occupancy metrics to their CEOs every month or less.

Real estate planning

40% of tech leaders expect their real estate portfolios to expand in the next three to five years.

Remote collaboration tools

Organizations who successfully connect employees with collaboration tools are able to increase team performance by up to 37%.

Move management

More than 90% of companies, which use offices, intend to expand or contract their workplaces.

Desk booking

In 2023, the technology industry experienced a notable rise in office attendance, with desk utilization increasing from 21% to an average of 46%.

Building access management

83% of workplaces have automated security systems to monitor and control access.


Reimagine your real estate portfolio to fit the way your teams work

Access workplace data, leverage real-time occupancy insights, improve planning, enable instant space bookings, manage maintenance, and more with Eptura. From focused developers to outgoing sellers, our tools make it easy to craft the right spaces to support the needs of the entire team.

Hybrid work and collaboration tools

Easily book desks near teammates for collaboration, find and reserve conference rooms that meet your meeting needs, and plan your workweek based on team schedules with seamless integration to Microsoft 365.

Space optimization and real estate planning

Utilize interactive floor plans, IoT utilization data, scenario planning, and historical cost allocation data to optimize space usage, reconfigure layouts, monitor resource allocation, and right-size your portfolio.

Visitor management

Simplify the visitor registration process, enhance security, and provide a seamless experience for guests from pre-registration to check-in. Conduct digital roll calls in the event of an emergency or drill situation to account for everyone in the building.

Maintenance ticketing and workflow

Employees can easily submit service requests and facility teams can track maintenance requests, prioritize tasks by urgency, and help your teams work more efficiently. 

Preventive maintenance

Proactively service assets by using inspections, building information modeling with 3D models of systems and assets, and asset metrics to auto-generate work orders and keep a record of equipment’s repair history. 

Energy consumption and tracking

Identify energy-saving opportunities, optimize usage, and reduce carbon footprint while adhering to ESG compliance.

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Customer success stories

"Eptura took us from spreadsheets to a system of record. I can easily look up an asset and see if it's compliant, when it was last inspected, and the results of that inspection. This is a great leap forward for my team. I love how customizable Eptura is."
Service Manager, Snap Global Security

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