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Eptura for Education

Optimize administrative spaces and campus facilities

Visualize and enhance your facilities to meet the future of education.

Enhance the learning environment

Transform your campus and facility management efforts with streamlined asset management and workplace optimization designed for educational organizations.

Comprehensive facility management

Eptura empowers you to efficiently manage and maintain every aspect of your educational facility, from handling maintenance requests to tracking assets and optimizing space utilization.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

With Eptura, you can stay informed about critical systems and equipment. Receive instant alerts for HVAC, security, and fire safety systems, allowing you to address issues promptly and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for students and staff.

Data-driven insights

Leverage advanced analytics and reporting to make informed decisions about resource allocation, energy efficiency, and facility planning. By optimizing operations and reducing costs, you can effectively manage your campus and enhance the learning environment.

All-inclusive solution for campus and building management

With Eptura, educational facilities can streamline their operations and ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for students and staff.

Facility management

43% of education facility management leaders indicated their greatest construction and renewal focus will be research labs.

Room design

59% of campus facilities teams plan on incorporating and/or upgrading flexible design features and modular furniture in classrooms.


American colleges and universities spend over $6 billion on annual energy costs

Indoor and outdoor maintenance

At American colleges and universities, an average of 79,293 square feet is maintained per maintenance employee.

Remote Collaboration

60% of college students anticipate taking online classes even after their campuses start functioning normally


In 2019, over $2 billion was spent on accessibility-related projects throughout university campuses in the United States and Canada.

Maintenance team management

76% of operational leaders use entirely or mostly full-time maintenance employees.

University experience

17% of students say they would reject a college because its buildings were poorly maintained.

University experience

17% of students say they would reject a college because its buildings were poorly maintained.

Preventive maintenance

Unplanned maintenance work can be 5x more expensive than preventive maintenance.

Fleet management

Large campus fleets include over 1000 vehicles, such as cars, trucks, golf carts, and transit busses.


Manage every aspect of your campus and facilities

With Eptura’s integrated facility management, you have all you need to manage your campus from athletic facilities and dorms to classrooms and laboratories.

Maintenance management

From logging requests to assigning tasks and monitoring progress, Eptura simplifies the entire maintenance process, ensuring timely resolution of issues and minimizing disruptions.

Asset tracking and optimization

Easily manage assets from computers and projectors to furniture and lab equipment. Eptura provides a centralized system to monitor asset locations, maintenance schedules, and usage patterns.

Space optimization

Eptura helps you maximize your available space by providing insights into occupancy, utilization, and scheduling, so you can make informed decisions regarding classroom assignments, event planning, and facility layout.

Reporting and analytics

Generate detailed reports on maintenance activities, asset utilization, and space occupancy. With Eptura, you can identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and implement strategies to improve resource allocation.

Integration with existing systems

Eptura integrations ensure a smooth flow of data and eliminate the need for manual data entry. You can easily access and update information, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Mobile apps

Eptura provides mobile solutions, allowing you to manage tasks on the go. You can quickly respond to maintenance requests and provide updates, leading to faster issue resolution and improved equipment uptime.

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Customer success stories

“Without Eptura, UT would not be at the level that they are in terms of facility management capabilities.”
Archibus System Analyst, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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