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Eptura for Healthcare

Manage your healthcare buildings and facilities

Prevent equipment failure, improve regulatory compliance, and increase productivity.

Streamline and strengthen healthcare operations

Eptura helps healthcare facilities optimize operations, cut costs, and make data-driven decisions that enhance patient care by connecting workplaces, people, and assets together in a unified platform.

Optimize daily operations to enhance care

Spend less time focused on keeping things running, and more time delivering high-quality care to patients. Eptura helps healthcare organizations streamline operations across facilities, automate daily processes, and stay on top of compliance requirements. With one connected management system in place, you can dedicate more of your resources to the areas where they’ll have the biggest impact.

Streamline maintenance and control costs

Get more from your critical medical equipment with asset lifecycle management. Stay ahead of costly repairs by implementing preventive maintenance schedules according to usage patterns and manufacturer recommendations. Eptura makes it easy for technicians to track and manage work orders, connecting everyone in one platform to ensure smooth operations, keep equipment up and running, and minimize disruptions to delivering care.

Make data-driven decisions

Utilize customized reporting dashboards to make data-driven decisions. By tracking and analyzing data on space, assets, and key performance indicators, you can identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions that enhance ROI.

Built to meet your healthcare-specific needs

Eptura helps you track every aspect of your healthcare facility so you can stay focused on your patients.

Deffered maintenance

35% of hospitals surveyed said they have performed an emergency repair on a piece of equipment after deferring maintenance on said equipment.

Asset management

Health systems adopting an enterprise asset management model can reduce asset management costs by 25-35%.

Regulatory compliance

Meeting NFPA, Joint Commission, and OSHA guidelines is vital for healthcare organizations to ensure safety, quality care, and patient well-being.


Healthcare units account for roughly 8.5% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, generated mostly by energy-draining apparatus that run around the clock.

Service request tickets

50% of companies still use email for ticketing requests.

Building automation

While over 80% of operational leaders have automated their HVAC, security, and lighting systems, only 11% use automated cleaning systems.


Nearly one-third of first-time visitors to hospitals get lost.

Construction planning

34% of survey respondents report planning a new or expanded hospital in the next three years.

Fleet maintenance

Tires are the third-largest asset in fleet management.

Space planning

The average hospital square footage is 356,946 square feet.

Equipment view

6000 hours are wasted per month on nurses tracking down lost medical equipment.


All your critical healthcare facilities data in one place

Get complete visibility and control over your work environment, from urgent care facilities and specialty clinics to hospitals and general care offices.

Asset performance

Track energy consumption, equipment health, and operational efficiency. By identifying potential issues early, you can proactively address maintenance needs, optimize asset performance, and minimize downtime.

Equipment lifecycle management

Track the complete lifecycle of your healthcare assets, from acquisition to disposal. Make informed decisions about equipment repairs, replacements, and retirements based on usage, maintenance history, and budget considerations.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule routine maintenance to optimize equipment performance and comply with regulations, generating reports for maintenance history, service contracts, and audit trails.

Work orders and service requests

Simplify work order processes and employee service requests, enabling efficient ticketing, tracking and prioritization of maintenance tasks, enhancing team productivity.

Strategic space planning

Visualize and stack floor plans, track occupancy, and optimize space utilization for maximum efficiency, facilitating real estate expansion, reconfiguration, and equipment integration.

Visitor management

Streamline check-in, customize sign-in flows, provide visitor badges, integrate with access control systems for safe and secure buildings. Conduct digital roll calls in the event of an emergency or drill situation to account for everyone in the building.

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Customer success stories

“It’s not just an FM tool anymore. HR can use this for headcount planning, Risk Management can better look at our assets, and we can send work orders to our 3rd party service providers. Eptura has allowed us to be more efficient and collaborate across the board.”
BIM Manager, UCHealth

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