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Eptura for Government

Manage government facilities securely and efficiently

Integrate all the tools you need to effectively operate your building and enable your team’s best work.

Federal agencies see 25% higher asset utilization by using one platform

Connect every aspect of your built environment to streamline asset management, transform buildings, and boost employee productivity across portfolios while prioritizing the security and protection of sensitive data.

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Understand facility costs

Proactively manage your facility to stay ahead of equipment repairs and maintenance, minimize asset downtime, and extend asset service life all while monitoring usage and metrics on costs.

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Manage your complete maintenance lifecycle

Gain full visibility of assets, facilities, and inventories with automated maintenance workflows, streamline maintenance processes for improved efficiency and accuracy, and enhance visibility throughout the entire maintenance lifecycle

FedRAMP In Process

Eptura is recognized as a FedRAMP In Process Cloud Service Provider, ensuring high security standards and meeting all federal government security standards tailored to meet the demands of the modern government. Protect data with advanced authentication standards and ongoing security scans to safeguard against threats.

Optimize the way your organization works in one platform

Simplify facility management with a single system that allows you to oversee workplace management, facility operations, strategic space planning, and more.

Vendor and parts management

Effective vendor management can reduce procurement costs by 10-20% in government agencies.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM integration with facility management systems can reduce facility management costs by 10%.

Equipment downtime tracking

The average equipment downtime per month in government facilities is approximately 20-30 hours


Government agencies have achieved an average energy consumption reduction of 15-20% through sustainability initiatives.

Desk and meeting roombBooking

The average desk occupancy rate in government offices is around 60-70%. The average meeting room utilization rate in government offices is approximately 40-50%

Maintenance team scheduling

Eptura is recognized as a FedRAMP In Process Cloud Service Provider. Ensure the security of user and building data with ISO27001 certification, advanced authentication standards across integrations, and ongoing platform security scans.

Space Utilization

Common areas in government facilities have an average utilization rate of 30-40%. The average office space utilization rate in government buildings is approximately 50-60%.

Data Security

The average cost of a data breach for government organizations is approximately $4 million.

Asset utilization

Effective asset utilization strategies can increase asset productivity by 10-15% in government organizations.

Collaboration spaces

Government agencies typically have an average of 1.5 collaborative spaces per 10 employees.

Preventive maintenance

Implementing preventive maintenance programs can reduce maintenance costs by up to 18% and increase asset lifespan by 12-18%.


Everything you need to manage your facilities

Eptura offers a range of capabilities tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies.

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Capital planning and forecasting

Optimize capital investments and manage asset acquisition, utilization, repurposing, and disposal to reduce excess inventory and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

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Maintenance ticketing and workflow

Employees can easily submit service requests and facility teams can track maintenance requests, prioritize tasks by urgency, and help your teams work more efficiently.

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Preventive maintenance

Proactively service assets by using inspections, building information modeling with 3D models of systems and assets, and asset metrics to auto-generate work orders and keep a record of equipment’s repair history.

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Strategic space planning

Utilize space allocation visuals, IoT utilization data, scenario planning, and historical cost allocation data to reconfigure space and monitor how space is being used.

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Adapt to the hybrid workplace

Easily book desks near teammates for collaboration, find and book conference rooms that meet your meeting needs, and plan your workweek based on team schedules with the Microsoft 365 integration.


Improve sustainability outcomes

Measure energy usage and score your building against target sustainability level requirements to meet your organization’s environmental goals and compliance standards.

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Customer success stories

“We achieved our goal of having system-wide, centralized reporting to better manage our large, geographically distributed facilities”
Gina Ziegenbein – Property Management Officer
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Eptura centralize building and asset data across my portfolio?


    Eptura automates the aggregation and consolidation of building and asset data from sources, such as Autodesk, providing a centralized location for all your data. Eptura and Autodesk partner to unify asset data and operations, improving building efficiency and enhancing occupant experiences.

  • How does Eptura provide information on building performance and future predictions?


  • How does Eptura help me understand maintenance, lease, and portfolio costs?


  • How does Eptura help me view assets across my entire portfolio?


  • What are Eptura’s hosting and network options and is the solution FedRAMP certified?


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