ATLANTA – July 18, 2023Eptura, the global worktech leader, today unveiled enhancements to Eptura Asset that expand availability for facility managers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, and Malaysia. In addition to localizing language, currency, dates, measurements, and numerical data, Eptura Asset now allows global teams to map their physical assets to floorplans to quickly locate equipment.

Modern asset management teams are diverse, multicultural units responsible for managing multi-site portfolios that may span several regions. These teams must be able to work across location and language boundaries to communicate maintenance requests, fulfill work orders efficiently, and ensure valuable equipment uptime for business and end users.

Localization within Eptura Asset enables businesses to more rapidly iterate on their asset operations with new localized languages, date and time formats, numeric formats, and currencies. The enhancements expand accessibility throughout the platform, providing teams with a more personalized user experience that allows them to streamline the completion of maintenance activities.

Eptura Asset supports 11 languages across the platform to maximize clarity and build efficiencies.

With the expansion of Eptura’s digital floorplan capabilities to the Asset platform, asset managers can now view their equipment in the context of its location within a facility. In addition to helping map, quantify, and inventory all of a facility’s assets, Asset’s digital floorplans can also streamline asset maintenance.

Digital floorplan capabilities within Eptura Asset allow users to quickly locate and track assets and equipment for convenient inventory management and maintenance planning.

Users are able to administer equipment upgrades or replacements more quickly, as well as better locate and respond to emergency repairs with a visual representation of a facility’s layout. By using digital floorplans as a reference point, asset teams can achieve a holistic perspective on asset performance, helping them more effectively manage equipment life cycles and maximize uptime. Key capabilities of the Asset enhancements include:

-Quickly locate and track assets and equipment from a digital map of each facility, showcasing the layout and placement of all assets for convenient inventory management and maintenance planning.
-Reconfigure floorplans to align with each facility’s work needs and assets being managed with drag-and-drop functionality for efficient space planning and asset management.
-Gain a holistic perspective on asset performance to ensure that all assets receive regular attention.
-Develop an effective emergency response plan by labelling emergency exits, evacuation routes, and safety equipment locations for personnel and emergency responders.
-Streamline future planning and expansion projects with a floorplan map to assess available space, identify areas for potential growth, and visualize how changes or additions will impact the overall facility layout.
-New currencies for USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, MYR, EUR, MXN, BRL, JPY, and CNY.
-Expanded number, date, time, and measurement formats, including international numeric conventions, regional date, and time variations, and support for metric, imperial, and US customary measurement systems.
-Now available in 13 languages and locales, including English (US), English (UK), English (Canada), English (Australia), English (Malaysia), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch (the Netherlands), and Japanese (Japan), with German to follow this year.

Asset management is especially important in the United Kingdom and throughout the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions where industries like manufacturing are staples of the economy. Improved global availability enables a seamless user experience, making it easier for asset maintenance teams to map, manage, maintain, and optimize their assets, as well as safeguard against unexpected downtime. Users benefit from expanded language support – including translations, localized formatting, and new currency options – plus more robust asset data and facility information on digital floorplans.

“Maintenance teams bear the massive responsibility of keeping mission-critical assets and facilities up and running, not only for the organizations themselves but also the people who rely on them,” said Paul Phillips, CTO of Eptura. “From healthcare to supply chain to air travel and more, maintaining equipment uptime is crucial to every industry. The latest enhancements to Eptura Asset are designed to reduce the strain on asset management teams and help improve response times when issues arise.”

To learn more about how Eptura is empowering asset management teams around the globe, visit our website.

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