Learn today’s top 4 visitor management trends and why implementing the right VMS matters. 

In the modern workplace, security, convenience, and customization are of top priority for businesses. Visitor traffic is increasing with more companies adopting the hybrid work model. Visitor management software (VMS) makes managing your employees and tracking visitors easier and more efficient.  

With constant technological advancements, companies continue to evolve, facing new demands. As you navigate 2023, ensure you have top-tier visitor management as current trends call for it.  

Learn today’s top 4 visitor management trends and why implementing the right VMS matters. 

1. Increased emphasis on security

One undeniable trend is the growing importance of security in various industries and sectors. While an uptick in foot traffic is great for business, it also means more exposure to potential security threats to your employees, production lines, and intellectual property. In 2023, 91% of enterprise businesses prioritize physical security as a top priority. 

VMS offers features such as visitor pre-approval, facial recognition, ID verification, and real-time background checks that help alleviate security concerns. Implementing these features ensures that only authorized visitors can access your facilities.   

Additionally, VMS permits you to approve or deny visitor and employee access per door. While QR codes are an excellent way to provide building access, it’s not always suitable. You may prefer key cards or fobs to QR codes in some areas. Eptura’s VMS now offers access card manager (ACM), allowing companies to tailor their visitor workflow without compromising security.

2. Fully mobile access for visitors 

So long are the days of Blackberry and flip phones. With the widespread adoption of smartphones, VMS providers now offer mobile access solutions. This not only is user friendly but streamlines the visitor sign-in process. 

Think about it; people use their phones for everything. So why shouldn’t visitors and employees use their phones as a credential to access the building? With mobile access, professionals can access different doors with their mobile devices.  

Full mobile access creates an excellent experience for those coming to your company. You allow visitors to pre-register and receive digital badges through QR codes. It is an easy-to-use and simple check-in workflow. It reduces wait times, eliminates the need for paper-based systems, and improves overall efficiency. 

3. Contactless visitor management solutions

While the pandemic is falling further in our rearview mirror, the lessons we learned are not. Bacteria can be anywhere, and because of this, we put a whole new importance on cleanliness and hygiene. If there is a way we don’t have to touch a tablet or logbook, we prefer not to.  

Having a touch-free VMS solution is a modern way to enhance safety and convenience for everyone. Touch-free solutions may include mobile check-ins, QR code scanning, and automatic doors.  

Hands-free buildings are becoming more and more popular. VMS may offer hand sensors where visitors can wave their hands in front of a reader to grant visitor access and authorization requests with Bluetooth on visitors’ cell phones. The modern design ensures that readers are at the front door of each office and floor-by-floor for the elevator and stair tower access.  

Ultimately, upgrading to touchless access control systems can reduce illness transmission. So, if this wasn’t a priority for businesses before, post-pandemic, it’s been pushed to the top of the list. 

4. Customization options

Your business needs may differ from others. Advanced customization visitor options allow for tailored welcome screens, invitations, personalized badge designs, and visitor messaging that align with your company’s mission and values. Further, customization enhances the overall user experience while reinforcing your brand.  

Branding is essential to success as it lets your customers and clients know what to expect from your company. It creates a consistency that helps build and strengthen relationships. Jonah Sachs, an author, speaker, and viral marketing pioneer, agrees, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all touch points.”   

Customizable reports are another great option with VMS. These allow for tracking specific metrics and trends, such as peak visitor times or areas of the building with the most foot traffic. With this visitor data, you can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your visitor experience.  

Bottom line, don’t underestimate the difference small customization changes can make to your workplace. Visitors will experience your brand from entry to exit, creating a great first impression. And your business will get the insights you need to better optimize your VMS process. 

Popular trends improve security and safety 

Today’s popular VMS trends ultimately aim to improve security and safety for businesses and visitors. By creating an effective check-in workflow, you can improve your overall visitor experience while guaranteeing security.  

The more hybrid work gains popularity, the more visitor traffic will continue to increase. Move away from paper logbooks and long waiting times. Welcome better visitor pre-approval, ID verifications, mobile access, touchless sign-ins, and customizable options. 

secure modern workplace with visitor management

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