ISO 55001: Asset management’s “gold standard”

If you want to be exceptional, start by trying to be standard.

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How to optimize your space for success

In today’s work environment, it’s absolutely crucial to get the most from your workspace. Through office space monitoring and utilization analysis, it’s now possible to right-size your space with more accuracy than ever before.

Making the most of your space: why data matters

Is your workspace meeting the needs of your team? 

Join Workplace Innovator podcast host Mike Petrusky for an in-depth conversation about data in the workplace and how it can be used to drive smarter decision-making. Alongside industry experts Brad Golden, Workplace Insights Lead at VergeSense and Marc Weigum, Founder of Unified Purpose, this discussion highlights the timely issues space planners and corporate real estate leaders face right now.

Digital Workplace Experience Virtual Conference

Succeeding in the Era of the Intelligent Workplace
Rethink how work gets done, and empower your people to thrive with a digital workplace that adapts to their needs. Learn from the leaders at DWX ’22.
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