In episode 112 of Asset Champion, host Mike Petrusky talks with André Jones, MBA, CFM, FMP, Corporate Real Estate Portfolio & Facilities Manager at Capital One and Kevin Goode, FMP, Director of Facilities at the DC Bar. They cover the operational and maintenance challenges facing organizations before jumping into the technology tools with the largest potential impact on the future of facility management. 


  • Jones’s and Goode’s professional backgrounds and work experience 
  • Applications for artificial intelligence (AI) in predictive maintenance and energy efficiency 
  • Concerns about AI taking over different roles in the industry 
  • Practical advice for facility and maintenance professionals 

What you need to know: 3 Facility and maintenance takeaways 

Takeaway 1:  Embracing technology and AI can enhance efficiency in facilities management 

Both guests agree that the industry should see AI as a tool that enhances efficiency and productivity, rather than a threat to job security. Specifically, it can help with cutting emissions and on-demand maintenance. 

AI delivers better data in better ways. Jones explains how it can, “get that information to us quicker, more concise, more specific as to what we’re looking for, [which] allows for consistency and efficiency.”  

Goode focuses on the ways AI can help with planning and scheduling. “Detecting equipment that potentially can malfunction before it breaks down, allowing for predictive maintenance, scheduling equipment can be serviced proactively, reducing downtime and preventing cost emergency repairs.” 

Takeaway 2: Industry professionals should invest in continual learning and stay updated on the latest technology 

The field is changing, developing, and we need to evolve along with it. 

“I think our role as asset managers, facility managers, it’s going to continue to evolve. And you just think about it. Look what the iPad or the tablet did 10 to 15 years ago,” Jones says, pointing to the ways technology affects everything from culture to the economy. 

Goode offers practical advice to “stay current with the DC chapter of the Internatinal Facility Management Association (IFMA). Yes, take the classes, participate in all the events. Just having that conversation. ‘What’s your most common issues and challenges that you are currently facing?’” 

Takeaway 3: Soft skills and the “human touch” play important roles in facility management 

Despite the increasing role of AI and technology in facilities management, both guests emphasize the irreplaceable significance of the human touch in their roles. Team building, communication, and trust are critical in the built environment.  

Both guests agree it lets everyone know they are valued and helps people stay connected. 

Asset management insights 

  • AI and machine learning, combined with data from sensors and occupancy patterns, can improve energy efficiency in buildings. 
  • Predictive maintenance can be enhanced with AI, allowing for more proactive servicing of equipment and reducing the risk of costly emergency repairs. 
  • AI will not replace human roles in facility management but will enhance and evolve them. 
  • Embracing technology and viewing it as an asset can help facility management professionals stay current and efficient. 


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