Our line-up of speakers for Power of One, Eptura’s April 16 product launch, promises to deliver a wide range of exciting insights and innovations. 

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ll be sharing. 

Brandon Holden, CEO, explains why all you need is one  

Facility and asset management professionals want to deliver more value to their organizations, but they often face major roadblocks. 

There’s a good reason we’re calling the event Power of One, and Brandon is going to look at why separate challenges call for a unified solution. 

Meg Swanson, CMO, shows how sustainability means bridging gaps and closing loops 

Before you can cut your carbon emissions, you need to capture the right data. But where — and even when — do you start? 

Meg’s answers might surprise you, but she’s going to make a strong case for starting sustainability “early and in between.” Then she’s going to show you how you can do it. 

Fabrice Martin, CPO, shares our vision for the future and how our solutions start with centralization 

Power of One is about the advantages of moving facility and asset management to a unified platform, and that “one” means a single solution. There’s a lot of power in the right idea. 

Fabrice is going to explain why you should think of Eptura as your company’s operating system (OS) and how that concept can translate into stronger control and coordination across your physical environment. 

James Carder, CISO, covers the connections between being seamless and safe 

Security needs to be a lot of things. Reliable. Dependable. And especially for government, it must be compliant. 

But it also needs to be manageable, and ideally, it should even be easy.  

James is going to introduce all the ways we’ve made security everything it needs to be, from initial vetting to long-term management. 

Annalisa Recio, VP of UX, presents a new look at collaboration in the workplace 

Our quarterly Workplace Index Reports, packed with proprietary data and insights, consistently show employees want to come back to the office to connect and collaborate with coworkers. So, if you want to support a return-to-office campaign, you need to make it easier for employees to work together onsite. 

As part of her talk, Annalisa is going to share how going “smart” can help boost both utilization and productivity.  

Robert Bray, VP & General Manager at Autodesk Tandem talks integration 

Does talking about digital twins go against the central theme of Power of One? 

Not when it’s an announcement on the new ways we’ve developed to connect building information modeling (BIM) data and facility workflows for better operations and maintenance. 

Robert is going to explain the integrations and the many benefits they can deliver. 

To watch the full announcements — including key details on our new features — tune in to our live product launch on April 16, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

Visit our event registration page for more information and save your spot. 

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