With exclusive access to proprietary data for our quarterly Index Reports — including 2.7 million desks, 37,000 buildings, and 440,000 floors across more than 8,000 companies — Eptura uncovered the key trends now affecting asset and workplace management professionals. 

In both workplace and facility management, there are multiple opportunities for improvement. Organizations could be running their facilities more effectively and efficiently, and with more of a focus on sustainability. The challenge is finding the tools that help them better balance new work patterns with planning and resource allocation. 

The features we are showcasing at Power of One, our April 16 product launch, are directly related to the industry’s current state and future promise.  

By supporting connectivity, collaboration, and security, Eptura delivers powerful solutions — all from one trusted ecosystem. 

Additional connectivity 

Facility management professionals face data challenges across the life of the building. In some cases, their data sets are inaccurate or incomplete, preventing them from seeing everything from critical small details to the big picture.  

Eptura’s new features can ensure a stronger return on data investments. And by creating bridges between departments, they will help you streamline and strengthen workflows. 

Easier collaboration 

For many employees, the move to the hybrid work model wasn’t just about how much time they spend in the office. It fundamentally changed why they’re there.  

In fact, according to the Q3 2023 Eptura Index Report, the top two reasons for coming into the office are “socializing with friends / colleagues” and “collaborating with colleagues.” 

Our new features will help employees be as productive as possible in the office, while also ensuring planners have the data they need to maximize investments in space. 

Stronger security 

The core challenge of security at any office or facility comes down to what appear to be opposite goals. You must make it as easy as possible to get in for some people, while at the same time as hard as possible for others. 

Eptura’s new features will help organizations strengthen security without sacrificing the visitor experience. 

Tune in to our live product launch on April 16, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

Visit our event registration page for more information and save your spot. 

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Jonathan writes about asset management, maintenance software, and SaaS solutions in his role as a digital content creator at Eptura. He covers trends across industries, including fleet, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality, with a focus on delivering thought leadership with actionable insights. Earlier in his career, he wrote textbooks, edited NPC dialogue for video games, and taught English as a foreign language. He hold a master's degree in journalism.