How Digital Twins Will Help Bridge Facility Management and Asset Management

As hybrid work has become the norm, facility and asset maintenance leaders are turning to digital twin technology to help them become more cost effective across space planning and asset management, move management, lease management, employee management, and construction management.

But there’s much more to this innovative technology. Digital twins are having a major impact across many areas. Urban planning. Transportation. Biotechnology. Even return to office strategies.

The entire metropolitan city of Shanghai, China, for example, has a digital twin which models 100,000 elements “from refuse disposal and collection facilities to e-bike charging infrastructure, road traffic, and the size and location of apartment buildings,” according to Forbes.

Here’s another example: Tata Consultancy Services used digital twins to serve as a “quantitative aid to explain the current state of the environment and assist in decision-making” for a safe, effective return to office.

And because digital twins are models that capture real-world conditions, they help organizations with risk management. Companies can scenario plan, preventing issues early or even before they even happen.

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