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2023 workplace predictions

5 worktech trends to watch

What lies ahead for the workplace in 2023?

To succeed, leaders need to understand the policies, practices, and metrics that will most affect the people, places, and assets they manage.

Here is our in-depth analysis of today’s most pressing trends where we examine the imminent state of the workplace in the context of worktech. It includes:

  • Original global survey data
  • Feedback from our customers
  • Observations from industry thought leaders and analysts

Get answers to all of these questions:

  • What’s worktech?
  • Which hybrid policies will stick?
  • What in-person policies need to be formalized?
  • What days of the week will your people visit the office?
  • How can you better control costs across property portfolio and assets?
  • Whats’s the new role of data?
  • How will silos become unified experiences?

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Get the insights you need to help you better plan for 2023 and beyond as we continue to see monumental shifts in how people work.


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