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Eptura is your hub for Hippo, the simple maintenance solution to manage work orders, schedule and track preventive maintenance, and control inventory.

Hippo CMMS customer resources

Everything you need as a current Hippo user, from desktop and mobile login to support and training resources.

Ready to uplevel your maintenance management? Talk to our team about lowering your total cost of ownership with Eptura Asset.


Log into Hippo

Get access to your Hippo environment to view ticket status, update PM and maintenance tech schedules, plan parts inventory, and more.


Submit a Hippo support ticket

Need to place a maintenance work order for help with Hippo? Start a ticket with our customer support technical team.

Knowledge Center

Browse the Hippo Knowledge Center

Learn how to do more with Hippo through training and onboarding materials, product documentation, and additional resources.

Digitize your maintenance management

Whether you’re maintaining facilities or business-critical assets, digitizing work order, parts, and repair tracking is essential

Simplify work orders

From planning your preventive maintenance schedule to assigning the right tech for ad hoc repairs, manage ticketing in one place. Quickly see repair history, update status, and report on work order completion.

Track parts inventory

Know what parts you have in stock – including details like digital images, schematics, O&M manuals, and warranties – to make it easy for techs to perform service. Scan barcodes to quickly categorize and log parts and equipment data.

Inspect equipment and manage vendors

Keep updated inspection logs, share relevant asset details with third-party contractors, and manage vendor invoicing, all from the same system. Maintain accurate records for compliance reporting and document procedures so everyone has the information they need.

What customers say

“I like how Eptura can evolve and add new features to the platform. The layout provides more data with how productive my team is with the tasks that need to be completed.”
“It’s an absolutely critical maintenance tool. I initially started using it as technician, and I found it to be user-friendly and critical for time management. Now, as an administrator, it has made workload and workflow management easy, whether I'm using the app or my laptop. The app puts people management at my fingertips, no matter where I am."


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