With Eptura’s introduction of Condeco Analytics, customers can achieve greater visibility into their work environments and utilization trends to see how office space is being used or not used.

ATLANTA – May 30, 2023Eptura, the global worktech leader, today introduced Condeco Analytics, a new enhancement that consists of in-application reporting on multiple dimensions of workplace data to help real estate and workplace leaders better understand engagement and space occupancy.

As employee work patterns continue to shift, workplace leaders are intensifying their efforts to capture better data and develop clearer insights into how people are interacting with, and using, their workspaces. The latest data from Eptura’s Workplace Index Report reveals a global 495% increase in the number of collaborative room and desk reservations booked by employees.

With office occupancy rates on the rise, companies are examining the impact of changing work patterns on the built environment and employee engagement, monitoring changes in occupancy, and striving to maximize the return on their commercial real estate investments.

Effectively planning the workplace requires a clear understanding of facility and workspace data. With Eptura’s introduction of Condeco Analytics, customers can achieve greater visibility into their work environments and utilization trends to see how office space is being used or not used. Workplace leaders can now:

  • Gain in-platform workplace intelligence, eliminating the need to export and manipulate data in third-party tools
  • Uncover multiple dimensions of data to understand strategic and more granular drivers of workplace utilization and occupancy across all resources and locations
  • Customize views by timeframe, office location, resource type, floors and office hours to measure behaviors
  • Produce data-driven insights into historical resource usage and harness top-tier analytics capabilities to plan for future space needs
  • Create custom bookmarks to save filtered views of specific workplace information and share these key insights with relevant stakeholders
  • Refresh data in real-time to get the most recent insights and leverage accompanying Power BI templates to further analyze data offline

Condeco Analytics is designed to help practitioners go beyond the headlines and anecdotal feedback of workplace operations and provide them with data-driven insights around workplace resource usage, employee engagement, and long-term demand trends.

Condeco analytics

Space planning has grown pivotal to an organization’s bottom line with just one empty conference room costing a business up to $12,000 a year. With the capabilities of Condeco Analytics at their disposal, workplace leaders can better understand and communicate the value and ROI of investing in office space, adjusting corporate footprints, or rationalizing a renovation.

“The Workplace Index Report underscores the global surges that workplaces are experiencing in room and resource bookings, office check-ins, and the overall use of their spaces,” said Paul Phillips, CTO of Eptura. “The introduction of Condeco Analytics provides practitioners with a much-needed barometer in how effective the workplace is being used.

This allows them to plan and predict when people are coming into the workplace as well as contextualize how different assets have been used, and are currently being used, in addition to forecasting upcoming usage.”

Available now in Condeco, this product enhancement enables customers to visualize key data in ways that could previously only be done by exporting data to third-party tools or with a specialized analytic skillset.

By blending a mix of utilization and resource metrics with employee behaviors, Condeco Analytics dashboards provide workplace leaders around the world with a holistic overview of how users are engaging with their workspaces.

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