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Inspiration for Asset Champions, Announcements and Catching Up

Suzane Greeman ASQ-CMQOE, CAMA, CAMP, CMRP, MBA of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, Inc. returns to the podcast for an update six months after recording her original interview that launched this show (see Episodes 2&3). Mike Petrusky asks Suzane about the webinars and workshops she has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic while also updating listeners … Continue reading "Inspiration for Asset Champions, Announcements and Catching Up"

Inspiration for Asset Champions, Announcements and Catching Up

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Suzane Greeman ASQ-CMQOE, CAMA, CAMP, CMRP, MBA of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, Inc. returns to the podcast for an update six months after recording her original interview that launched this show (see Episodes 2&3). Mike Petrusky asks Suzane about the webinars and workshops she has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic while also updating listeners about giving away copies of her book, “Risk-Based Asset Criticality Assessment Handbook”. With some encouragement from Mike, Suzane agrees to debut her original lyrics to a song about asset management and she also shares an inspirational story that will motivate you to be an Asset Champion! [blog_cta id=’89c99d0f-c136-49ab-a307-508b4a5e8f33′] Get Suzane’s book: Connect with Suzane on LinkedIn: Learn more about Greeman Asset Solutions: Register for the SDT Training Workshop: See Suzane’s Inspirational LinkedIn Post: Listen to Episode 2 & 3 with Suzane:

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Suzane Greeman (00:02): You can recreate yourself at any point in time. You don’t have to be one way. If you’re going to exercise all the freedom and rights in the world, why not exercise that particular freedom more often and choose to be the best version of yourself every day? Mike (00:21): This is the Asset Champion Podcast, where we talk with facilities maintenance and asset management leaders about the industry trends and technologies impacting your organization. This show is powered by the iOFFICE Asset Division, delivering easy to use maintenance management software tools to help you drive powerful asset performance.             Hey, everyone. It’s Mike and we are back with another episode of the Asset Champion Podcast. This is episode 19, and I have a returning guest for the first time. In fact, she is my most famous guest, the very first guest ever to appear on this podcast. Everybody please welcome, once again from Winnipeg, Suzane Greeman. Hi, Suzane. Suzane Greeman (01:07): Hi, Mike. Thank you so much for having me back. It’s such a pleasure. I’m happy, happy to be back. The podcast has been doing extremely well. I mean, your guests have been amazing and so very knowledgeable and informative. Mike (01:21): Oh, you’re so kind, so you’ve been listening. That’s awesome. Suzane Greeman (01:25): I have been. I caught up with Cameron’s the other day. He is one of my favorite authors. Mike (01:32): Yes. Cameron Christensen. Suzane Greeman (01:33): Yeah. I really dug his book on capitalization and recapitalization of assets. Mike (01:40): That’s so great. Suzane Greeman (01:41): Susan Lubell as well. She’s also one of my favorite authors and we serve together on PEMAC. Mike (01:46): Yes, it is a small world of asset management. Suzane Greeman (01:50): It is. Mike (01:51): It’s so funny in just under 20 episodes to have connected with so many people who know each other already. That’s fantastic, so thanks for sharing that. I wanted to bring you back quickly because when you were first on the show, and I want to point people back to episode two and three of the Asset Champion Podcast, if you haven’t heard these episodes, folks, you’ve got to hear Suzane’s story about her book and about her love of music. We sang a little Kenny Rogers together and we also did a little reggae music together, which was fantastic. Suzane Greeman (02:23): We did. Mike (02:24): Bringing back your Jamaican roots, which was awesome. Suzane Greeman (02:27): Oh, we did, didn’t we? Mike (02:29): Yes. Yes, but as part of that launch to the show, I was able to give away some of your books, which is called Risk-Based Asset Criticality Assessment Handbook. For those of you out there who were so kind to share Suzane’s episodes and give us the hashtag Asset Champion while tagging me, I’ve got your information. The book is on the way. It was held up a little bit in Houston because of the COVID-19 situation. I finally got someone to send me the books to my DC residence. I have them now, so I promise those books are on the way, but Suzane, I’ve got some more to give away. Anyone listening to this podcast who would like a copy of your book can just share it on social media, the fact that they heard it on hashtag Asset Champion. Tag me. Tag you on LinkedIn, on Twitter, wherever you do it and we’ll make sure we get in touch. While supplies last, I will get you a copy of this book. How’s that sound? Suzane Greeman (03:27): This is excellent. As a matter of fact, I have an upcoming workshop with SDT Ultrasounds, but I’m going to tear that book apart. We are actually going to create an asset criticality methodology in that workshop. Mike (03:41): Wow. Suzane Greeman (03:41): We’re going to be using an actual business case. It’s a fictitious company that we’ll be using, but it will contain scenarios that you would expect to find on an operating plant. If people would like to get a copy of the book ahead of the workshop, and also do register for the workshop, but just do as Mike says. Share the post and also tag Mike and tag me. Use the hashtag Asset Champion. He’ll get a copy right over to you because, while supplies last, I got to say, there’s a limit. Just make sure you get in there and get your copy as early as possible. You’ll be able to have a free copy to use for the workshop. Mike (04:26): I will also leave a link in the show notes for registration for the workshop. Suzane Greeman (04:26): Yes. Mike (04:30): I assume that’s what you’ve been doing the last four or five months since we last talked. In fact, the show came out at the end of May, but we recorded it probably a couple months before that, Suzane? Actually, as the COVID-19 pandemic was just getting started, we wrote a note we were getting into. I wanted to get a quick update from you. What have you been doing these last six months? How have you handled your quarantine life and how’re you doing? Are you okay? Suzane Greeman (04:54): Family wise I’m okay. The family is okay. Thanks for asking. I trust your family is doing well, too? Mike (05:00): They are, they are. Thank you. Suzane Greeman (05:02): Awesome. Awesome. Behind all of this, what people don’t actually see as that I am a consultant in asset management. I have a few clients that I’m working with. That’s going well. I’m very grateful to have worked in these very troubled times for a lot of people. I’ve also done quite a few webinars and stuff since we spoke as well. That’s one of my favorite things to connect with people, and give back to the industry, and help to build the knowledge base as well. Mike (05:33): Has anyone asked you to sing, Suzane? Anyone else ask you to sing on their podcast? Suzane Greeman (05:38): They haven’t. I think the next one that I do, I’m just going to put on a song, whether they like it or not. Mike (05:45): There you go. Just break into some Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler. Suzane Greeman (05:49): I’ve written a couple of asset management songs, right? Mike (05:54): Really? You’ve got a whole nother career going. Suzane Greeman (05:56): Well, these days. Mike (05:57): Would you want to debut? Suzane Greeman (05:57): Maybe a year from now. Mike (06:01): No. You want to debut it now? Do you want a debut? This is the world premier, folks, of Suzane Greeman’s asset management song book. Suzane Greeman (06:11): I would need to have the music. I would need to have the music. Mike (06:12): I could do a little reggae beat if you want. Is it more of a pop beat? Suzane Greeman (06:20): Oh, one is like Kenny Rogers. One is Gambler. Mike (06:22): Oh, it is to The Gambler? Okay. Suzane Greeman (06:23): You put some music. Mike (06:25): I’ll do the guitar. Suzane Greeman (06:25): Right. You be the guitar. You put some music and I’ll try something. Mike (06:29): Yep. Suzane Greeman (06:29): I’ll try. I’ll try. This song was written based on a conversation that I had with a CFO of mine years ago. Mike (06:39): Okay. Suzane Greeman (06:40): Yeah. He really was trying to instill and kind of probably more distilled on me the effects of operations on the finances and why finance and operations really have to collaborate and have to be in alignment. Here it goes. Mike (06:58): Go for it. Suzane Greeman (06:59): You want a song. I’m going to give you one. Mike (07:00): All right. Here we go. Suzane Greeman (07:03): Suzane, I have to fund your activities and make sure bills are paid. Remember all risks are financial, so plan with that in mind. Inventory ties up cash flow and you like to buy parts. You got to know when to expense, know when to capitalize, outline your asset register with the fixed register. You can’t retire your assets without telling finance. I could claim more insurance on the warranty if you only kept good records. Mike (07:43): Yeah. Suzane Greeman (07:43): How was that, Mike? Mike (07:49): That was awesome. The very first ever debut of an original song lyric from one of my Asset Champion Podcast guests. Thank you, Suzane. That was fantastic. Suzane Greeman (08:00): You know what? I actually have a friend state-side that I met at MaximoWorld. He plays guitar and he writes music. Maybe one day I’ll send this to him and see if he could put some music to it for me. Then I’ll have something a little bit more original to play for you. Mike (08:19): I will buy that record. Absolutely. No hesitation. No hesitation at all. Put that on my Spotify playlist, everybody. Put it on the Spotify account. Thank you for sharing that. Well, listen, let’s inspire our audience. I know you’re busy. You have a lot going on. Again, we’ll point people at the end of the show to the links in the show notes to get connected with Suzane and her prior episodes as well as her workshops coming up.             Suzane, you’re always sharing great content on your LinkedIn account. Please, everybody, if you have not connected with Suzane yet, please do so. Let her know you heard her here on the Asset Champion Podcast. Recently, I saw you shared something really inspirational. I think it was in response to a post by Lewis Howes. Suzane Greeman (09:01): Yeah. He is a best selling author. Mike (09:05): Yeah. Suzane Greeman (09:06): What he did was he got into people’s heads, his guests, some pretty famous guests. He asked them the question, “If everything you built was all wiped away, what would be your three remaining truths?” He had Les Brown, and Larry King, and the likes on his show. Mike (09:25): That’s right. Yes. Suzane Greeman (09:26): Each person, they were putting forward what would be their truths. I had to think about mine. My mom recently passed, and so in dealing with that, I came to realize a few things as well. My three, influence by my mom, one of them. Then the others, by my experience in life, my three are, so number one, when it is all said and done, there is only love. There isn’t anything else. If you doubt me, just ask somebody who is lying on a hospital bed face in the end. There is only love. Love people. Love everybody. Love intensely. Mike (10:10): Yes. Suzane Greeman (10:11): I know people talk about your heart being broken, probably par for the course, but don’t let that rob you of the opportunity to love and the great benefits of love and even fellowship with others. Mike (10:24): Yes. We all miss that very much. Yeah. Suzane Greeman (10:26): Yeah. The second one that I had was it’s about you at the end of the day. We spend a lot of time intensely focused on other people, and what other people think, and what other people are doing. I’m not as good as other people and so on, but find out who you are, not who others say that you are because in this life you can outrun almost anyone in anything except who you are and how you choose to show up in circumstances. Find out who you are and find out how you’re going to make that better, but also how you’re going to apply yourself in circumstances. Mike (11:04): Be your authentic self. Absolutely. Suzane Greeman (11:06): Be your authentic self. I like that. Then the third thing is you can recreate yourself at any point in time. You don’t have to be one way. If you’re going to exercise all the freedom and rights in the world, why not exercise that particular freedom more often and choose to be the best version of yourself every day? Mike (11:27): I love that. That’s awesome. Suzane, always a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much for that inspiration and for sharing your time again with us. Hey, everybody, if you haven’t done it yet, go back and listen to episode two and episode three of this very podcast. It’s on your feed. Apple, Spotify, the website, wherever you find your podcasts, check it out and listen to the details of Suzane’s expertise. She shared so much and she taught me so much in those early days of the show.             Get a copy of her book, Risk-Based Asset Criticality Assessment Handbook. You can get one of the last free ones we have to give away by sharing this podcast on your social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, wherever you share. Hashtag Asset Champion and make sure you link to me. Let me know what’s out there because they’re hard to find. We will get a copy of the book to you while supplies last. Suzane, once again, thank you for joining me today for this brief little catch-up chat. I really enjoyed it. Glad things are going well. Good luck with your workshops coming up. Suzane Greeman (12:32): Thank you so much, Mike. I appreciate the opportunity as always. It’s always good to sing for you. Mike (12:39): Awesome. We’ll get together again soon, I’m sure. Everyone out there I hope that this show continues each and every week to bring you the encouragement and inspiration you need to be an asset champion. Peace out everybody. Bye, Suzane Suzane Greeman (12:55): Bye, Mike. Mike (12:59): You’ve been listening to the Asset Champion Podcast. We hope you found this discussion beneficial as we work together to elevate asset management success by improving efficiency, reducing costs and building best practices. For more information about how the iOFFICE Asset Division can boost the performance of your physical assets by providing comprehensive enterprise asset management software solutions, please visit  

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