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Create a digital record for all of your assets

Log accurate, accessible data for asset programs that boost uptime and cut costs.

Centralize and standardize asset data for more control

Instead of managing your assets in a spreadsheet, you can create data-rich records for every single asset across your portfolio.

Empower maintenance teams and streamline processes

Equip facility technicians with the data they need to maintain and repair assets and equipment, from manuals and diagrams to associated parts and materials. A single source of truth goes a long way.

Maintain compliance backed by reliable data

Automatically associate maintenance and repair records for every asset in the registry. With all of these data in one place, demonstrating compliance for internal and external reporting purposes becomes turn-key.

Control the life cycle with tailored maintenance

Get the big picture and nitty-gritty details on every asset to forecast maintenance needs and replacement schedules.

asset registry benefits

Get the most out of your assets.

Manage the lifecycle of your assets in one location or across the globe from one intuitive, data-driven experience.

Comprehensive asset lists icon

Comprehensive asset lists

Build, safeguard, and maintain a single source of truth for actionable insights backed by accurate data your team can securely access and update.

Complete, comprehensive list of all assets
Customizable asset attributes icon

Customizable asset attributes

Organize assets by categorization and classification, including type, department, location, or custom-defined attributes. Make everything easier to find.

Customizable asset attributes 
Parent-child relationships icon

Parent-child relationships

Associate assets inside the registry to represent complex relationships and relative criticality so you can better plan and prioritize work.

Parent-child relationships 
Onsite barcodes icon

Create barcodes

Create and print barcodes for each of your assets so that technicians can scan them in the field to pull up maintenance records, procedures, and to log updates.

Onsite barcodes 
graph icon

Accurate, up-to-date tracking

Track the status, condition, and utilization of assets to inform preventive maintenance, tasks, and to measure depreciation.

Accurate, up-to-date tracking 
Robust reporting icon

Robust reporting

Generate custom reports to meet external compliance requirements or support internal projects to improve maintenance metrics and KPIs.

Robust reporting 

Customer success stories

“It is beneficial in simplifying asset management and providing a user interface. It solves our maintenance management problems by providing features that have helped us simplify our workflow and minimize downtime.”
Senior Developer, Computer Software customer

Learn more about the power of an asset registry with Eptura

three mobile maintenance screenshots

Eptura Technician App

An app built for technicians to collaborate across worksites.

parts inventory examples

Parts Inventory

Ditch the spreadsheets and stay on top of inventory stock levels.

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Asset Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

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