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Gain total visibility across your entire portfolio of assets

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs

Customize dashboards to get the data you need

Efficiently manage KPIs, streamline asset operations, and control costs by consolidating all physical assets into a single view, enabling large-scale decisions about your portfolio.

Interact with your live maintenance dashboard

Your environment is rapidly changing, and you need access to an interactive dashboard that helps you quickly analyze your maintenance operations to make decisions. Track equipment usage and performance from a single system to reduce downtime.

Optimize assets with maintenance records and efficiency data

Manage your operations using past and real-time data, broken down by asset type. With historical data readily available, you can plan and forecast for the future, ensuring accurate decision-making.

Enhance insights with external data integrations

Gain a holistic view by bringing in external data from third parties including energy consumption, equipment performance or maintenance updates in a comprehensive picture through integrations and the Eptura API.

Monitor and act on key metrics

Identify trends in performance, utilization, and maintenance needs of your assets and facilities to make informed decisions that are aligned to your KPIs.

Regulatory compliance icon

Regulatory compliance

With all of your asset data in one place, it's easy to produce information for regulatory compliance purposes or to run maintenance programs to prepare for upcoming certifications.

Maintain regulatory compliance
Asset downtime reporting icon

Asset downtime reporting

Track and analyze mean time between failures (MTBF) and repair (MTTR) to implement preventive maintenance strategies to improve asset reliability, extend asset lifespan, and reduce operational costs.

Analyze asset downtime
user interface and experience icon

User interface and experience

Our intuitive user interface enables quick report delivery and insights without the need for training. Simplified dashboards prioritize the important information, real-time notifications, and clear visual cues, minimizing training requirements.

User interface and experience
Cost evaluation icon

Cost control

Measure maintenance costs and labor effort to plan asset lifecycles across your portfolio, and use this data to inform depreciation schedules.

Effective control costs
eye icon

Equipment usage tracking

Make informed decisions on replacement, upgrade requirements, and schedules. Leverage asset dashboards and IoT sensors to track usage, identify underutilized assets, and optimize equipment allocation.

Track equipment usage
Parts inventory icon

Parts inventory

Monitor stock levels, track usage patterns, and forecast future needs to optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and avoid stockouts or overstocking. Maintain an accurate inventory of parts to ensure components are available to maximize uptime.

Run parts inventory

Customer success stories

"Having a centralized system to manage a large variety of assets, spread out geographically, while allowing for a uniformity of service protocols within the company is helpful. The product itself is great for tracking assets and maintaining the history of that asset."
Richard, Supervisor, Manufacturing customer

Learn more about asset management analytics with Eptura

cost management images

Cost Management

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

work order ticketing examples

Work Order and Maintenance Ticketing

Assign, prioritize, and track work orders from one easy-to-use platform.

vendor management key examples

Vendor Management and Invoices

Get third-party maintenance work done on time and on budget.


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