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Streamline workflows with data-packed, customizable work orders

Assign, prioritize, and track work orders from one easy-to-use platform.

Eliminate inefficiencies to get more done with less effort

Centralize command and communications to ensure the team follows industry best practices and completes work on time. Track work and costs from assignment to close-out to reduce spending and maximize accountability while always staying on schedule.

Never lose work between the cracks

Set up strong, streamlined digital workflows from ticketing to close-out, so everything is tracked, and nothing is ever lost. Stop relying on paper or spreadsheets and secure your data in the cloud to keep it accessible from everywhere.

Remove guesswork now to reduce troubleshooting later

Deliver digital work orders packed with customizable instructions and checklists, diagrams, schematics, OEM manuals, and lists of required parts and materials, so everyone on the team tackles the same tasks the same way.

See the complete maintenance big picture — past, present, and future

Track everything from who does what to what inventory they use and how long tasks take. Leverage historical work order data to improve SOPs, fine-tune preventive maintenance inspections and tasks, and find the best parts and materials.

work order examples

Key features for keeping the maintenance team on task

Eliminate miscommunications, establish and enforce SOPs, and leverage data for stronger decision-making.

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Branded ticket request portal

Find issues faster now that everyone can report problems directly to maintenance. Prioritize, assign, and track work orders on a single platform – without having to jump between phone calls and emails.

branded ticket request portal
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Data-packed work orders

Include everything technicians need to work effectively and efficiently, with just a few clicks. Attach asset data including instructions, checklists, parts and materials, and historical work orders.

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Preventive maintenance scheduling

Set up and schedule PMs for all your inspections and tasks to find and fix issues before they have a chance to break your budget. Extend the useful lives for assets and equipment while avoiding costly downtime.

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Complete control over labor resources

Generate and assign work orders with custom workflows and track and manage technicians’ output and hours to enforce accountability. Discover the team superstars and find the techs that need more supervision.

Complete control over labor resources
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Comprehensive cost tracking

Protect your current budget and improve forecasting by understanding how much you’re spending on labor and parts for every asset. Determine which vendors deliver the parts and materials with the best ROI.

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Third-party vendor management

Centralize management for in-house teams and third-party vendors on one platform for better coordination between technicians and trades and more accurate records for project and compliance management.

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Customer success stories

“Word order generation from PM tracking is effortless; parts/labor allocation is seamless and efficient. The ease of use of the entire system is a big selling point for us. The layout is intuitive, and adding/removing assets and tracking maintenance requirements are all simple tasks.”
Construction customer.
“Our goal was to automate our work order system and develop a scheduling system for preventative maintenance. We met those goals.”
Construction customer

Learn more about work order and ticketing management with Eptura.

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Eptura Technician App

An app built for technicians to collaborate across worksites.

vendor management key examples

Vendor Management and Invoices

Get third-party maintenance work done on time and on budget.

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Cost Management

Get a larger return for less money with cost management that finds efficiencies.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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