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Enhance your lobby experience

Create an easy — and memorable — entrance for everyone who comes through your front door.

Make it seamless, secure, and welcoming

When visitors walk through your lobby’s main entrance, they shouldn’t just feel like they’ve been invited — they should feel like they belong. Eptura’s visitor management system ensures a seamless and hassle-free process, leaving your visitors and guests with a memorable experience.

Pre-arrival instructions

Elevate your lobby experience with Eptura's seamless pre-arrival preparation. Email guests in advance, providing directions and helpful tips for a hassle-free check-in. Ensure your guests feel prepared and confident upon arrival. Issue condition-based access via a QR code or RFID card for easy building access.

Streamlined check-in

Make your guests' experience even better with our self-service and automatic check-in capabilities. Eliminate paperwork and allow our solution to give your front desk staff more time to focus on improving the guest experience and ensuring a smooth stay.

Reduced wait times

Say goodbye to long queues and bottlenecks in your lobby with Eptura. Immediately alert employees when visitors arrive, enabling efficient and seamless guest management. Ensure prompt guest greetings and eliminate unnecessary wait times for a more positive guest experience.

Lobby benefits - guest registration screenshots

A great first impression

The lobby is what visitors — and employees — see the moment they enter the building, setting the tone for everything that comes after. Eptura provides the tools you need to create a memorable first impression.

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Invitation emails

Invite visitors to pre-register, and share maps, visitor information, requirements and contact information to make the experience turn-key.

invitation example
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Visitor Dashboard

Give your front desk security teams a clear view into who is visiting the property and whether or not they have completed all pre-arrival registration requirements.

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Host notifications

Automatic SMS or email notifications keep hosts informed when visitors check-in, ensuring a warm welcome. 

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Custom branding

Customize emails, check-in screens, and badges to reflect your company, projecting a consistent image and enhancing your brand identity from the moment visitors arrive.

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Self-service check-in

Enable visitors to check themselves in quickly using a digital kiosk or mobile device, reducing wait times. 

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Multi-language support

Communicate with visitors in their preferred language throughout the check-in process, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for everyone. 

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Customer success stories

“It allows us to create customized check-in workflows and print temporary badges for visitors. The solution is able to accomplish this with sleek, minimalist tablet kiosks and serves as a great tool for making first impressions to visitors.”
Higher education customer
“What I like best about it is the ability to customize your visitors’ check-in experience on the Kiosk. Anything from uploading your company’s own background image on the check-in screen to requiring them to input their license plate during the check-in process.”
Enterprise customer

Learn more about enhancing your lobby experience with Eptura.

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Visitor Experience

Effectively track and manage visitors in your buildings from start to finish.

asset registry benefits

Visitor Integrations

Connect with your existing systems to boost automation and efficiency.

emergency management screenshots

Emergency Management

Develop and implement emergency action plans to ensure safety.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

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