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Prepare, plan, and protect your buildings and occupants

Develop and implement emergency action plans to ensure safety.

Manage emergency preparedness in your workplace

Improve occupant safety and streamline the building evacuation process during emergencies.

Build and execute clear evacuation plans

Inform visitors of your emergency action plan and practice emergency protocols with drills to ensure everyone's safety.

Enable faster evacuations

Leverage a real-time list of everyone in your building to understand who is safe and who still needs to be evacuated during an emergency.

Give emergency responders an advantage

Provide responders with an accurate evacuation list to make it easier to account for everyone and help prioritize rescue efforts.

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Everything you need to keep your people and buildings safe

With Eptura’s Emergency List, you can gain visibility of your building occupants in real-time, quickening the evacuation process.

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Emergency alerts

Trigger emergency evacuation alerts to people in the workplace during evacuations or drills instantly.

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Real-time lists

Get a real-time list of everyone in the building or on the jobsite including the visitor’s name and photo, host, and check-in status.

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Digital roll calls

Complete digital roll calls and mark people as safe with just one click during a live emergency or emergency drill.

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Interactive lists

Better coordinate with emergency responders and search for specific individuals or filter to see those who are not yet marked as safe.

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Synchronized lists

Link your real-time list across devices so multiple people at different evacuation points can contribute to marking people as safe.

Post-emergency reports icon

Post-emergency reports

Use post-emergency reports to understand who was accounted for and how long checks took to help improve future evacuation procedures.

Customer success stories

“The problem I’m solving is monitoring the people visiting the company and being able to provide a list of them in case of an emergency, which is a requirement by law that I’m able to satisfy.”
Events Services customer

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Workplace Security

Protect your visitors, employees, and buildings with extra layers of security from the start.

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Workplace Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

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Visitor Experience

Effectively track and manage visitors in your buildings from start to finish.


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