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Manage facilities, assets, and maintenance with excellence

Coordinate maintenance activities, improve asset performance, and manage a more reliable facility.

Optimize the condition of critical assets

Ensure critical assets are in optimal condition with effective maintenance procedures that enable you to plan ahead, allocate resources, and enforce protocols.


Visualize floorpans to navigate through various work sites and see behind the walls of your facility with a rich BIM viewer. Track assets and know their exact location within the facility when dealing with complex sites and equipment.

Identify and address equipment issues before escalation

Keep up with routine inspections to identify signs of wear and tear or asset damage. Address problems early and prevent minor issues from escalating into major and costly repairs.

Maintain accurate records for audits or inspections

Give your technicians quick access to past maintenance records to identify patterns and recurring problems, or pinpoint potential causes of malfunctions.

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Ensure your assets are always up and running

Take command of every aspect of your assets and equipment with powerful, intuitive solutions.

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Interactive site perspective

With integrations to Autodesk, you can import building data to create floorpans and asset repositories so that you can easily locate and track your building equipment.

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Maintenance ticketing

Keep a centralized list of all open work orders to be scheduled and assigned. Easily review the details of each work order, including the assets or equipment involved, required maintenance activities, priority level, due dates, and any associated documentation or instructions.

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Safety checks

Perform on-site safety inspections using a customized checklist or form accessible to assigned personnel. Inspect important safety items or tasks and note any issues or non-compliance with a photo.

Track time for maintenance completion icon

Time tracking

Record the time spent on each task. Assign specific maintenance tasks for your technicians to clock-in and complete at different locations. Ensure the right amount of time and effort is dedicated to each task or project.

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Inventory levels

Know exactly how many spare parts and supplies you have on hand. Track usage patterns and automate purchase orders when parts read a certain threshold for replenishment so your technicians will always have what they need to perform repairs and replacements.

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Eptura technician app

Allow technicians to access maintenance information, update work orders, and continue various maintenance activities while on the go. What's more? It works both online and offline so you can always be connected to Eptura.

Customer success stories

“It is a full suite of products allowing users to manage their facilities from inception to disposition. It’s improved our management of assets, which includes buildings and equipment, better management of facility moves, service tickets, and preventive maintenance.”
Information Technology customer
“The integration of the floorplans with the product allows for easier management of space throughout the facility and provides savings in space, which results in lower budget costs.”
Information Technology customer

Learn more about managing maintenance across your facilities with Eptura

Eptura Technician App

An app built for technicians to collaborate across worksites.

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Work Order and Ticketing Management

Assign, prioritize, and track work orders from one easy-to-use platform.

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Asset Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.


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Eptura Simplifies Flexible Workplace Experiences with Condeco Presence

Condeco Presence consumes data from sensor hardware to automate check-ins, release bookings, and enable immediate reservations of unused spaces, simplifying the process and enhancing the employee experience. This supports agile working, making it easier for people to interact with workspaces while providing accurate information on availability and occupancy.


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