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Create a smooth experience for visitors

By integrating with the tools you already use, Eptura makes it easy to get your guests where they’re going.

Integrate your tools and apps seamlessly

Connect Eptura with your existing systems to boost efficiency and deliver a fully-integrated visitor experience that secures your building.  

Integrate with access control systems

Get everyone on the same page with one visitor management system in any environment. Whether you’ve got one location or dozens, Eptura can integrate with a broad range of building access control providers, so you can use one VMS no matter where your teams work.

Connect to workplace tools

Seamlessly welcome visitors into the workplace. Individual users can easily trigger a visit through their calendars, get check-in notifications when guests arrive in Microsoft Teams and Slack, and automatically issue unique WiFi credentials to their visitors upon arrival.

Protect and sync data

Collect visitor details and store important data securely. During the pre-registration process, visitors can eSign documents so you can collect necessary entrance documentation like NDAs, then route them to whatever data storage system you use.

Get more from your visitor management system

With integrations designed to support the way you already work, Eptura makes it easy to welcome visitors and connect everyone on your team.

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Access control

Integrate your existing access control system with Eptura’s visitor management platform. Supported providers include AMAG, Brivo, Gallagher, Genea, Genetec, Lenel, Paxton, and more.

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Chat-based applications

Integrate your chat collaboration tool to streamline notifications and instantly know when visitors check in.

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Connect your Outlook or Google-hosted calendar with Eptura's visitor management software to easily create and sync visits.

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Single sign-on (SSO)

Access your visitor management system and other applications with a single set of credentials for better data security.

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Print visitor badges on demand from any AirPrint-enabled printer on your premises.

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Guest WiFi

Generate unique WiFi credentials so guests can automatically get online while visiting — no QR code or lengthy password required.

Customer success stories

“I can use it whenever I want to reserve any desk in my organization where I am working. It shows the desk numbers, the people around you, and the availability of the desks, which is quite convenient.”
Mechanical Engineer, Mid-market customer
“The support for multiple office buildings is great! The ability to stage changes to seating assignments makes it so you can experiment with seating assignments without losing your current arrangements.”
Security Engineer, Computer Software customer

Learn more about visitor integrations with Eptura

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Visitor Experience

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

Lobby benefits - guest registration screenshots

Lobby Experience

Create an easy — and memorable — entrance for everyone who comes through your front door.

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Emergency Management

Develop and implement emergency action plans to ensure safety.


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Eptura Simplifies Flexible Workplace Experiences with Condeco Presence

Condeco Presence consumes data from sensor hardware to automate check-ins, release bookings, and enable immediate reservations of unused spaces, simplifying the process and enhancing the employee experience. This supports agile working, making it easier for people to interact with workspaces while providing accurate information on availability and occupancy.


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