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Empower technicians for efficient field operations

Built for the field to give technicians everything they need to prioritize work orders, review asset maintenance history, and document maintenance records.

Ready to assist with your maintenance tasks

And as a manager, Eptura Technician gives you full visibility into who owns every ticket and how they are progressing.

Allow technicians to own their assignments

Allow technicians to view their available and assigned work orders for the day. Access maintenance requests, capture all the necessary details, and initiate the necessary actions on priority tasks without delay.

Get a clear view on your assets and inventory levels

Maintain visibility into the location and condition of assets. Allow operators to scan asset tags or barcodes using their mobile device to instantly retrieve asset information and documentation. Monitor stock levels and place orders for needed parts and supplies.

Continue work even when field teams are offline

With technicians assigned to work in various locations including remote or isolated areas, the app ensures they have access to all the necessary information related to maintenance tasks and can make updates on the move.

Start focusing on priority tasks assigned to your team

The Eptura technician app allows field technicians and maintenance workers to receive and update maintenance work orders from their mobile device. See who is doing what and when, so you can track progress on every work request.

Task assignments and schedules icon

Task assignments and scheduling

Allow your technicians to self-assign tasks or work orders. Assign work orders to the appropriate personnel and ensure they have the necessary parts for the job.

checklist icon

Inspection checklists

Manage the entire inspection process from start to finish. Capture inspection data and record equipment performance metrics. Include photos and records of findings to be retrieved across the team anytime.

Asset Tracking icon

Asset Tracking

Locate critical assets and equipment that need attention. Scan equipment to access detailed information and quickly update the status and condition during repairs or inspections.

wrench icon

Parts inventory

Track and manage specific parts and include their storage location. Receive alerts and notifications when a part’s quantity falls below its predefined threshold, to prompt a reorder on low inventory.

Work hours records icon

Work hour records

Labor teams can clock-in and clock-out, including contractors, at a specific location or project site. Record the total hours worked for each individual and the time it takes to complete a task.

Compliance recording icon

Compliance recording

Easily adhere to safety and regulatory compliance items while doing scheduled maintenance and inspections. Allow technicians and inspectors to use predefined compliance checklists to mark and report on compliance requirements.

Customer success stories

“The software is easy to use, and the mobile app allows my team to take the power of Eptura Asset with them out onto the plant.”
Maintenance Manager, Manufacturing customer

Learn more about the Eptura technician app

work order ticketing examples

Work Order and Ticketing Management

Assign, prioritize, and track work orders from one easy-to-use platform.

asset registry benefits

Asset Registry

Get a larger return for less money with cost management that finds efficiencies.

parts inventory examples

Parts Inventory

Ditch the spreadsheets and stay on top of inventory stock levels.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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