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Enhance your building's security

Protect your visitors, employees, and buildings with extra layers of security from the start.

Ensure visitors feel safe, informed, and secure in your workplace

Welcome people into your buildings without compromising on security, compliance, or the front-desk team’s productivity.

Avoid security breaches across multiple locations

Control for authorized visitors, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security threats.

Know exactly who is entering and exiting your buildings

Centralize and control all visitor details so you know who is visiting, when they should have access, and where they are going before arrival. Security teams can also track visitors that are on premise versus those who have checked-out.

Respond quickly to security and safety risks

Quickly identify, screen, or apprehend suspicious individuals based on visitor data such as contact details and by cross-referencing visitor data with watchlists.

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Secure your workplace as visitor traffic increases

No matter the scale of your facility, Eptura's visitor management system enables you to keep your people safe, and facilities secure.

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Visitor pre-approval

Review and validate visitor entry details and credentials before check-in to determine whether to approve or deny access.

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Access control integrations

Integrate with access control providers like Brivo, Genetec, and Paxton to easily allow credentialed visitors into the building.

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Personalize access credentials

Configure access credentials to control which buildings and entry points visitors can and cannot enter based on individual needs.

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Internal and external watchlists

Check visitors against internal and external watchlists to prevent unwanted or restricted parties from entering your premises.

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Real-time visitor tracking

Track and monitor employees, contractors, and visitors across all buildings. Quickly locate individuals when needed in real-time.

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Secure Data Retention

Configure Eptura to store or purge visitor data on the schedule of your choosing to comply with corporate policy, or local laws and regulations.

Customer success stories

“The solution is so intuitive. Our security staff quickly picked up how to use the system with minimal training. Our goal is to get as many people in, as quickly as possible. We want to make it easy on our officers and this system seems to be the best.”
Ricardo Bowens, Head of Security
“It has helped us implement a more efficient way of logging office visitors, removes a paper trail for our receptionists, and gives a great first impression to our guests. From a security standpoint, it also allows us to track and monitor who is in the office, which is imperative in situations where there is a fire or emergency.”
Mid-market customer

Learn more about workplace security with Eptura.

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Visitor Experience

Effectively track and manage visitors in your buildings from start to finish.

Lobby benefits - guest registration screenshots

Lobby Experience

Create an easy — and memorable — entrance for everyone who comes through your front door.

emergency management screenshots

Emergency Management

Develop and implement emergency action plans to ensure safety.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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