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Empower meaningful change by driving your organization's ESG efforts

Capture potential sustainability opportunities and prioritize well-being.

Achieve your corporate sustainability goals

Work toward meeting an expanding list of national and global ESG standards. Become more environmentally responsible through more efficient building operations, reduced energy consumption, and improved occupant comfort and well-being.

Boost energy efficiency, lower consumption and cost

Take a future-forward approach to your organization’s energy consumption by monitoring your building and asset performance. Optimize your energy efficiency by leveraging workplace and asset data to get ahead of maintenance schedules and resource usage.

Track your progress on sustainability efforts

With complete visibility on building and asset management, including parts and materials control, work order management, and maintenance & occupancy metrics tracking, you can identify areas for improvement and make more environmentally friendly choices.

Embed ESG standards and policies across the built environment

Develop a sustainability roadmap to improve ESG standards and policies in the workplace. Promote a healthy work environment while reducing the carbon footprint of your facilities and maximizing operational and maintenance savings.

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Prepare for future ESG mandates and regulatory requirements

Stay compliant with sustainability standards and ESG frameworks in an evolving regulatory landscape. Leverage workplace and asset data to track and monitor your progress and reach your ESG goals.

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Responsible consumption, maintenance, and servicing

Greater control over your workplace and assets makes it easier to centralize operations, minimize wasted resources, reduce energy usage, and drive down total emissions over the lifetime of your buildings and assets.

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Simple, centralized data collection

Easily capture, find, and manage your workplace and asset data without silos. Combine your space booking, occupancy, maintenance, and work order data for better benchmarking and increased transparency around how your buildings are performing.

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Comprehensive reporting and analytics

By combining facility, asset, and people data across your workplace systems, you can identify areas for improvement and seamlessly provide evidence of your ESG efforts to investors and stakeholders.

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Customer success stories

“I can use it whenever I want to reserve any desk in my organization where I am working. It shows the desk numbers, the people around you, and the availability of the desks, which is quite convenient.”
Mechanical Engineer, Mid-market customer
“The support for multiple office buildings is great! The ability to stage changes to seating assignments makes it so you can experiment with seating assignments without losing your current arrangements.”
Security Engineer, Computer Software customer

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Real Estate Planning

Align your real estate portfolio with your organizational mission.

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Workplace Management Analytics

Customize dashboards to advance operations and track visitor trends for your workplace

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Asset Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs


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