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Manage your global real estate portfolio

Align your real estate portfolio with your organization's needs with data, scenario planning, and a global view.

Unlock efficiency and future insights

Discover the key benefits of strategic real estate portfolio planning and how space utilization can optimize your costs, provide future insights, and maximize your portfolio’s potential.

Unlock cost savings and efficiency

These data will give you the insights you need to most efficiently operationalize your real estate.

Maximize your real estate portfolio's potential with strategic decision-making

Make informed decisions when it comes to renewing leases, acquiring new properties, and selling assets to align your portfolio with your organization's goals. With scenario planning, you can make smart choices, drive operational excellence, and unlock the value of your real estate investment.

Understand your future as well as your present

Gain insights and reporting capabilities to plan for expansion, consolidation, or efficient space utilization, ensuring you navigate the future with confidence.

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Simplify and control your real estate portfolio with ease

Eptura real estate planning provides advanced property portfolio management software, empowering businesses to optimize real estate costs and make informed investment decisions.

Lease administration icon

Lease administration

Simplify and automate lease management in one central location. Sort lease data, track critical dates, generate reports, and automate lease-related tasks, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.

Cost evaluation icon

Cost evaluation

Understand the true cost of properties by evaluating operational costs alongside lease costs. Gain insights into the financial impact of your real estate portfolio.

Streamlined chargebacks icon

Streamlined chargebacks

Make chargebacks simpler by accurately calculating and reporting shared building expenses. Automate invoicing and ensure transparency in how costs are allocated.

Utilization analysis icon

Utilization analysis

Track occupancy data and trends in real-time. Stay informed with customizable dashboards and reports. Access valuable occupancy and cost data for informed lease renewals and optimizing space utilization.

Advanced scenario forecasting icon

Advanced scenario forecasting

Plan and make informed decisions for your real estate portfolio by forecasting and simulating scenarios like office moves and relocations, including expansions and consolidations.

Real estate portfolio visualization icon

Real estate portfolio visualization

Gain an understanding of each building, floor, and department through interactive digital floor plans. Easily view your entire portfolio or zoom in for detailed examination of specific spaces.

Customer success stories

"Having your portfolio of offices on a platform makes it easy when you visit other offices. Being able to see the footprint of business orgs and how they can fit within spaces really helps and takes away from having to granuarly count spaces."
Robert, Headquarters Facilities Manager, Telecommunications customer

Learn more about real estate planning with Eptura.

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Workplace Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

occupancy monitoring examples

Monitor Space Occupancy

Maximize space usage and uncover workspace trends to boost productivity and efficiency.

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Visual Block and Stack

Easily assign, rearrange, and visualize space utilization and allocation to support the needs of your organization.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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