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Gain deeper workplace insights and maximize your space potential

Customize dashboards to advance operations and track visitor trends for your workplace

Transform data into strategic direction

Automatically collect and aggregate your data into workplace insights as employees use the platform – enabling you to report on performance and ensure you have the right space for your workforce.

Measure what you manage from a single platform

Access full transparency into your rooms, desks, lobbies, and sensors from a single dashboard, allowing you to keep track of who is in the office and how space is used.

Understand the insights from your space

Get plain-language reports for common KPIs and clearly explained methodology, eliminating the need for complicated queries and data science tools.

Optimize office space

Have instant visibility into space utilization data and recommendations you can immediately use to make the most use of your space.

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Intelligent technology for dynamic policies

Our insights create intuitive, easy-to-read reports. You can keep teams updated with reports and dashboards that are created by you with just a few clicks.

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Automatic check-ins

Use sensor integrations to analyze meeting check-in, book spaces as they become occupied, and make rooms available again if no one uses them, helping to cut down on wasted space.

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Desk utilization

Track agile seating strategies to gauge implementation success and iterate over time to meet employee needs while increasing workplace productivity.

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Peak hour monitoring

New work policies mean that hybrid employees choose when and where they come into an office. With analytics, you'll see peak desk hours to better inform your long-term strategy for the business.

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Software integrations

Integrate your data warehousing and business intelligence technology with our software to understand corporate real estate analytics across your entire organization

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Visitor tracking

Leverage insights from your analytics to see how many guests you have and evaluate whether they are clients, vendors or guests and adjust your policies accordingly.

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Contact tracing

Visibility from the dashboard makes it easy to know who was in the office when if individuals need to be notified of any employees with illness in the office.

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Customer success stories

“It is very easy to understand and use, and provides tremendous depth in reporting and analytics.”
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Learn more about workplace management analytics with Eptura

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Eptura App

Transform how your teams engage with your spaces with the Eptura app.

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Visitor Experience

Effectively track and manage visitors in your buildings from start to finish.

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Real Estate Planning

Align your real estate portfolio with your organizational mission.


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Eptura Simplifies Flexible Workplace Experiences with Condeco Presence

Condeco Presence consumes data from sensor hardware to automate check-ins, release bookings, and enable immediate reservations of unused spaces, simplifying the process and enhancing the employee experience. This supports agile working, making it easier for people to interact with workspaces while providing accurate information on availability and occupancy.


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