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Fleet management keeps your vehicles on the road

Maintain your fleet to have safe, fuel efficient, and reliable vehicles with deep insights and predictability into ownership costs.

Keep the team closely connected, no matter how far apart

Close the loop between drivers and technicians with automated data capture and sharing that ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Avoid costly delays from missed maintenance and keep the fleet safely on the road.

See the big picture, including all those moving parts

Take complete control of your fleet by tracking every aspect of it, from inspections to parts. Keep an eye on progress and ensure industry best practices with customizable work order templates.

Stay compliant for more safety, less risk

Maintain a steady schedule of mandated inspections and tasks – including DVIRs and tire tracking – to manage your budget and keep people safe. Ensure everyone follows the rules — and that you have all the easy-to-find records to prove it.

Reduce costs across the fleet

Track everything to discover all the places you can cut costs, from pilot programming new tires to fine-tuning maintenance schedules. Autogenerate reports with industry KPIs to see how to slow down spending and when to reroute your budget to new vehicles.

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Cover more miles with your fleet

Fleet management keeps your fleet running smoothly by pulling the team together and surfacing data for smarter decision-making

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Tire tracking

Capture mileage data for rotations, replacements, and preventive maintenance. Compare costs across lifecycles to find the brands that work best for your vehicles, even down to tire wear by its location on the vehicle

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Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)

Protect your organization from costly compliance-connected fines and penalties with digital DVIRs that are easy to complete and impossible to misplace. Maintain records that are safe, secure, and searchable.

Driver vehicle inspection reports
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Preventive maintenance

Schedule inspections and tasks for when it works best for drivers and technicians. Ensure the right people and parts are in place to catch small issues before they can sideline vehicles, introduce safety hazards, and increase the cost of ownership.

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Inventory management

Cut carrying costs with customizable par levels and automated inventory counts, updated in real time. Know exactly what you have and when you need to place orders, so everything arrives just in time.

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Mileage and machine hour capture

Get data delivered straight from the road to your cloud-based database, where you can leverage it into better decision-making. Schedule preventive maintenance and stay on top of any developments even as your vehicles are on the move.

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Scalability for any size fleet

Find the fit that works best for your current fleet with software that can grow when you do. Easily add people, processes, tools, and vehicles as your fleet operations grow.

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Customer success stories

“The best thing about it is being able to keep track of equipment and fleet vehicles all in one place. Since I’m handling both in my position, it is a very convenient program and it’s fast!”
Equipment Coordinator, Construction customer

Learn more about fleet maintenance with Eptura

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Work Order and Ticketing Management

Assign, prioritize, and track work orders from one easy-to-use platform.

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Parts Inventory

Ditch the spreadsheets and stay on top of inventory stock levels.

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Asset Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

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