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Get a better understanding of your workplace with occupancy monitoring

Maximize space usage and uncover workspace trends to boost your floorplan efficiency.

Explore innovative ways to improve utilization

Understand the reality of how your spaces are being used and make data-driven decisions about workspace design, resource allocation, and scheduling to create a more productive and comfortable environment for your organization.

Maximize space utilization

Track occupancy hours for insights into how different spaces are used throughout the day. Identify high-traffic areas, understand peak usage times, and make more informed decisions about your space allocation and layout.

Identify underutilized areas within your workplace

With occupancy monitoring, you can pinpoint spaces that are consistently vacant or have low utilization rates. Discover opportunities for repurposing or redesigning these spaces to better meet the needs of your organization.

Dive deeper into workspace trends

Gather occupancy data for analyzing workspace trends. Track occupancy patterns over time to uncover trends such as changes in peak usage hours, fluctuations in occupancy rates, and shifts in preferred work areas.

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Put your space occupancy insights into use

Wall-to-wall coverage to understand and optimize every part of your workplace — from space utilization to employee experience.

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Precise occupancy measurements

Gain valuable insights from your space occupancy data. Get precise occupancy measurements and capture important workplace data to identify opportunities for improvement and cut down on wasted space.

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Hot desk utilization

Offer desks available to book on demand in order to create your optimal desk to employee ratio. Compare how desks booked on demand are being used and analyze utilization patterns to help optimize your agile seating strategy.

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Peak booking hours

Learn more about how employees behave in the workplace and identify busiest days of the week and times of the day to offer the right workplace services and find potential cost-savings opportunities.

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Real-time space insights

Quickly view occupancy information from your insights dashboard that shows relevant data and provides at-a-glance insights, right when you need them.

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Workplace planning

Consider occupancy data when building your workplace strategy to ensure you’re offering the various services, equipment, and amenities required to support your organization’s needs.

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Sensor data

Integrate with occupancy sensors and get even more precise real-time reporting and space utilization functions like live presence detection, automatic room release, anonymous data collection, and more.

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Customer success stories

“It is a feature-rich booking and visitor management platform that is easy to deploy and maintain. The highlight is the insights, which provide you with detailed analyses of room utilization, recapture rate, and zombie meetings.”
Nonprofit customer

Learn more about occupancy monitoring with Eptura

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Real Estate Planning

Align your real estate portfolio with your organizational mission.

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Occupancy Sensors

Leverage occupancy intelligence to optimize your spaces.

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Workplace Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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