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Keep your visitor data protected and compliant with end-to-end security

The best defense starts with a solid and secure offense.

Be proactive about your data security

Ensure data protection for your people and organization and cover all your bases regarding audits and regulations.

Protect sensitive data

Guarantee that all personal data collected is securely stored and processed under applicable privacy laws.

Control data retention and deletion

Meet compliance requirements and only keep visitor data for as long as necessary to mitigate security risks.

Easily comply with privacy laws

Create procedures around the processing and accessibility of everyone's data, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

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Everything you need to balance security and compliance

Tools designed to securely capture data and consent with the right amount of customization and automation.

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Visitor consent

Use custom fields to screen and present legal documents to visitors to ask for consent to collect their information.

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Data retention

Define and apply a customized data retention period, determining the time limit on how long visitor data is stored.

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Data deletion

Manually delete visitor data in bulk or automatically delete visitor data following a custom period of time per location.

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User rights

Create private address books for profiles and assign specific roles across your team with various viewing rights.

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Confidential displays

Prevent phone numbers, email addresses, and even full names of returning visitors from being publicly displayed.

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Maintain visitor-related data requirements to pass your insurance and compliance audits in accordance with local and international regulations.

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Customer success stories

“I can use it whenever I want to reserve any desk in my organization where I am working. It shows the desk numbers, the people around you, and the availability of the desks, which is quite convenient.”
Mechanical Engineer, Mid-market customer
“The support for multiple office buildings is great! The ability to stage changes to seating assignments makes it so you can experiment with seating assignments without losing your current arrangements.”
Security Engineer, Computer Software customer

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Workplace Security

Protect your visitors, employees, and buildings with extra layers of security from the start.

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Environmental Social Governance

Capture potential sustainability opportunities and prioritize well-being.

Visitor Integrations

Connect with your existing systems to boost automation and efficiency.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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