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Get people where they’re going with office wayfinding software

Offer a seamless and intuitive navigation experience that makes it easy for employees and visitors to find their way within the workplace.

Help everyone navigate your office seamlessly

Give teams a real-time view of the office so they can find each other without friction.

Create a modern navigation experience

Guide your employees, visitors, and clients through the office with marked resources and route options from a floorplan view.

Map your building amenities

See all the resources and amenities in your building, from emergency equipment and signage to furniture and shared technology.

Integrate with bookings

Check the status of nearby spaces and search for available desks and rooms with the amenities you need to meet and work effectively.

three mobile devices with screenshots

Easy wayfinding for everyone

Tools that make every visit to the office a breeze

Interactive maps icon

Interactive maps

Customize maps with icons and labels to mark points of interest within the office layout.

Search function icon

Search function

Quickly find specific rooms, colleagues, or amenities by name or keyword.

Visitor Management Integration icon

Visitor management

Integrate with Eptura Visitor Management to create a seamless experience for guests.

Digital Kiosk icon

Digital kiosks

Pair digital devices throughout the office for employees and guests to use for easy check-in

Utilization data icon

Utilization data

Collect data on user behavior, including popular routes and frequently visited areas.

Booking Integration icon

Booking integration

Connect with Eptura’s room and desk booking solutions to enable real-time booking through wayfinding devices.

Customer success stories

“It was a perfect choice for our company of this size. We had two buildings and needed a system instead of large floor plans. I use it every day, and my colleagues use it for wayfinding."
Biotechnology customer
“It has been a great addition to our office as both a wayfinding and space planning tool.”
Program Specialist, Space Planning, Media customer

Learn more about office wayfinding with Eptura

fort collins HQ floorplan

Creating Floorplans

Visualize and optimize the layout of your workplace so you can better plan for future needs.

three mobile phone showing app screenshots

Eptura App

Transform how your teams engage with your spaces with the Eptura app.

visitor experience screenshots

Visitor Experience

Effectively track and manage visitors in your buildings from start to finish.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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