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Create interactive floorplans of your space

Visualize and optimize the layout of your workplace so you can better plan for future needs.

Modernize your workplace management

Stay on top of space planning and transform your physical environment into a strategic asset.

Create a digital twin of your space

Map and quantify all the resources and amenities in your building, from emergency equipment and signage to furniture and shared technology.

Understand your workplace at a glance

Offer a dynamic and interactive display that can be updated and changed to evolving workplace needs with drag-and-drop tools and cross-departmental integrations.

Analyze real-time workplace data

Embrace worktech to automate data, uncover trends, and visualize opportunities in your environment so you can get more from your spaces.

fort collins HQ floorplan

Everything you need to stay ahead of changing workplace needs

With Eptura’s integrated floorplan mapping, you can effortlessly design, organize, and manage your office and facility layout.

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Digital twins

Map and quantify all the resources and amenities in your building, from emergency equipment and signage to furniture and shared technology.

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Drag-and-drop tools icon

Drag-and-drop tools

Rearrange office layouts, adjust for future head count, and quickly add new employees to a department or team.

drag and drop feature
Interactive maps icon

Interactive maps

Instantly view layouts for each building, filter floorplans by space types, create neighborhoods, and set target seating ratios.

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Utilization data icon

Utilization data

Identify office occupancy patterns and get an accurate overview about how employees are interacting with the space.

utilization date feature
Predictive analytics icon

Predictive analytics

Use specialized projection tools like growth rates and workplace capacity to estimate future real estate needs.

predictive analysis feature
Smart integrations icon

Smart integrations

Pull floorplans in from Autodesk, integrate with access control systems, and pair resources with Microsoft 365 applications.

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Customer success stories

“Tabulating individual spaces and gross areas for large hospital buildings across a large portfolio is significantly easier and more efficient; the AutoCAD/Revit plugin is a major value add.”
Healthcare customer
“There are a lot of modules for this software to choose from; selecting just the modules you need is a great value creator. The Space Planning module is a great way to gain clear insight into the room data you have. The integration with AutoCAD is perfect.”
Insurance customer

Learn more about floorplan mapping with Eptura

visual block and stack key benefits screen examples

Visual Block and Stack

Easily assign, rearrange, and visualize space utilization and allocation to support the needs of your organization.

fort collins chart, map and building image

Real Estate Planning

Align your real estate portfolio with your organizational mission.

occupancy monitoring examples

Monitor Space Occupancy

Maximize space usage and uncover workspace trends to boost productivity and efficiency.


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Eptura, the global worktech leader, welcomes two new talents into its executive leadership team: Fabrice Martin as Chief Product Officer and Sean Kearns as Chief Revenue Officer. The company has also appointed four regional sales leaders to oversee business growth in North America, EMEA, and APAC.


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