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Elevate how your employees experience the workplace

Transform how your teams engage with your spaces with the Eptura app.

The homebase for your hybrid workplace

Eptura’s app is designed to enhance the workplace experience by helping employees navigate and collaborate in the office. Make office days more productive and help transform the way employees work.

Navigate through any type of work environment

Help your employees and guests find their way around the office. Use a floorplan map and locate available desks and meeting rooms to book. Find common areas, department teams, and locate where colleagues are working.

Manage and coordinate schedules across teams

With Eptura, planning and collaboration become seamless with a centralized platform for teams to work together. Know who will be in the office each day, synchronize calendars and schedules, and easily book collaborative meetings with your team.

Reserve space ahead of time or at a moment's notice

Allow your employees and guests to reserve a space in advance. Help ensure that everyone has an available space to work from or to host important meetings for the day.

three mobile phone showing app screenshots

Everything you need be connected in the office

Create a more connected workplace experience with Eptura. Navigate the workplace with confidence with our wayfinding, booking, and visitor system for all employees in the workplace.

Locate a colleague or space in office icon

Navigate through the office

Know who exactly is coming in for the day with a quick search. Use a floorplan view to navigate through the workplace. Easily locate meeting rooms, common areas, and amenities needed for the day.

Reserve and auto release unoccupied spaces icon

Create a Space Reservation

Enable employees to book the right space to suit their work preferences. Use the app to find and reserve the right desk or meeting spaces for focus time or collaboration.

Check-in visitors with a quick scan icon

Check-in guests

Pre-register visitors and guests in advance and view expected arrival time. Know who is entering or exiting the office with real-time visitor tracking. Allow a smooth check-in and exit process powered by QR codes.

Provide custom level of access across your facility icon

Secure visitor experience

Offer a multi-layered security approach by safeguarding your workplace. Sync visitor and employee details with your access control system. Use a QR code on mobile to check-in while granting entry control on your premises.

Synchronize employee schedules icon

Sync Calendars for Collaboration

Encourage collaboration and simplify workspace booking by inviting your colleagues to meetings and events, right in the app. Choose a location and date and reserve workspaces for your team members to ensure you can all work together.

Submit a service or cater request icon

Submit a service request

Create service requests for maintenance and catering needs. Provide special instructions for needed repairs in office. Track the status of your tickets.

Customer success stories

"It’s a unique software that makes conference room scheduling easy. It’s highly customizable and you can schedule meetings via the mobile app or your web browser. It integrates with popular calendaring systems and even provides data insights."
Global Talent Acquisition Manager

Learn more about the Eptura workplace experience

room booking examples

Room Booking

Simplify scheduling and book the ideal room for any meeting.

desk booking benefits screenshots

Desk Booking

Empower employees to book the right space to suit their work preferences and help everyone collaborate better together.

Employee service requests screenshots

Employee Service Requests

Create office service requests and streamline day-to-day workplace maintenance.


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Eptura Simplifies Flexible Workplace Experiences with Condeco Presence

Condeco Presence consumes data from sensor hardware to automate check-ins, release bookings, and enable immediate reservations of unused spaces, simplifying the process and enhancing the employee experience. This supports agile working, making it easier for people to interact with workspaces while providing accurate information on availability and occupancy.


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