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Make better use of your space with meeting room booking software

Simplify scheduling and book the ideal room for any meeting.

Make room booking easy for everyone

Help everyone make better use of your workspace with intuitive room booking software that ensures no meeting space is wasted, and there’s always a spot for teams to gather.

Easily book and rebook meetings in any workplace

Our room booking software is as flexible as you are, allowing you to find the right room to meet your needs. With smart functions like automatic rebooking, meeting room bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Make smarter use of your space

Optimize your workspace and create a more productive environment by automatically releasing unused rooms and leveraging utilization data to future-fit your available spaces.

Get the right tech

Eptura is made to fit the way you already work, with easy-to-use tools like our booking app and occupancy sensors, and smart integrations with calendars, kiosks, and video conferencing.

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Everything you need to manage your meeting rooms

Our room booking software equips you with the smart features you need to optimize your workspaces and help everyone work together more effectively.

Book the right room

Search rooms based on capacity, equipment, space type, and department on a visual floorplan.

Leverage room booking data across your office

Uncover deeper insights into how spaces are used, including which rooms are booked most often, average capacities, and peak utilization.

Integrate with sensors

Strategically place sensors within meeting rooms and workspaces to detect occupancy and environmental conditions to help track room availability in real time.

Integrate with essential tech tools

Sync with your company calendar system to receive booking notifications and add Teams or Zoom calls to your meeting space booking to help your team connect wherever they are.

Effortlessly bring people together for collaboration

Schedule recurring meetings and manage alternative spaces ensuring seamless and productive gatherings.

Automate room management

Release unused rooms when no-shows happen and automatically find alternative spaces when plans change, ensuring everyone always has access to the space they need.

Customer success stories

“I need to be able to see how many people are going to be in which office, if they’re fully remote or hybrid”
“I need to be able to see how many people are going to be in which office, if they’re fully remote or hybrid”
“I need to be able to see how many people are going to be in which office, if they’re fully remote or hybrid”
“I need to be able to see how many people are going to be in which office, if they’re fully remote or hybrid”

Learn more about desk and meeting room booking with Eptura

planning collaboration - three mobile devices with various screenshots

Planning Collaboration

Connect the right spaces with the right people so everyone can work better together.

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Desk Booking

Empower employees to book the right space to suit their work preferences and help everyone collaborate better together.

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Office Wayfinding

Offer a seamless and intuitive navigation experience that makes it easy for employees and visitors to find their way within the workplace.


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Eptura appoints new Chief Product Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and key regional sales leaders.

Eptura, the global worktech leader, welcomes two new talents into its executive leadership team: Fabrice Martin as Chief Product Officer and Sean Kearns as Chief Revenue Officer. The company has also appointed four regional sales leaders to oversee business growth in North America, EMEA, and APAC.


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