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Generate multiple scenarios with visual block and stack planning

Get big-picture insights when you easily assign, rearrange, and visualize space utilization and allocation to support the needs of your organization.

Experience a more powerful way to stack and restack your facilities

Easily understand and analyze your workplace data, so you can explore new ways of rearranging and managing your space.

Maximize efficiencies and optimize your space

Quickly and easily manage space allocations and adjust your facilities to support future plans and anticipated demand for space with our intuitive visual block and stack planning solution.

Get data-driven insights for smarter space planning

Gain valuable insights about how space is allocated, organized, and utilized across your portfolio to better understand and support mission-critical operations.

Make sense of the workplace with dynamic visualizations

See how modifications will look in real-world contexts by reviewing space utilization and assignment details directly from your floorplans.

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Advanced stack planning across multiple floors and buildings

Our easy-to-use visual block and stack planning tool is designed to help you make smarter, more efficient space planning decisions faster.

Visual drag-and-drop icon

Visual drag-and-drop

Drag and drop entire departments and teams from one floor or building to another to configure space more efficiently in just minutes.

Comprehensive planning

Comprehensive planning

Adjust space across the company’s real estate portfolio and accommodate for future head count to support mergers, acquisitions, growth, and consolidations.

Unlimited stack plan comparison icon

Unlimited stack plan comparison

Evaluate millions of possible configurations for single buildings, entire campuses, or global portfolios using live data from across your enterprise systems

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Contextual allocation

Discover the best way to group teams and create strategic, synergistic department alignments to boost collaboration and achieve cohesion across your organization.

Holistic facility view icon

Holistic facility view

Leverage high-level, current views of every floor, department, and team with visual context of space assignments and utilization to gain broad insights and surface key data.

Forecasting opportunities icon

Forecasting opportunities

Forecast and model revised workplace layouts based on changes over time to better inform decisions about how to configure and utilize your space.

Customer success stories

"It has helped us be strategic with space planning and predict our needs for growth, as well as how to use space effectively. It has also allowed us to empower our hiring managers and department heads in charge of seating, minimizing the time spent managing seating."
Computer Software customer

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Real Estate Planning

Align your real estate portfolio with your organizational mission.

fort collins HQ floorplan

Creating Floorplans

Visualize and optimize the layout of your workplace so you can better plan for future needs.

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Move Management

Orchestrate smooth, hassle-free workplace moves from start to finish.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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