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Automate space reservation behavior

With occupancy sensors, you can automatically release no-show meeting bookings, reserve a space when presence is detected, or simply leverage occupancy data to optimize your spaces.

Make your space work smarter

Discover the powerful combination of Eptura’s space planning software and integrations with occupancy sensors.  Utilize real-time data and insights to optimize your workspace, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall experience. Unlock the full potential of your space for increased productivity and cost savings.

Maximize space utilization

Track occupancy levels, identify underutilized areas, and make informed decisions on space allocation. Optimize layouts, repurpose rooms, and maximize efficiency to reduce wasted space.

Save on costs

Make informed decisions about space allocation with accurate occupancy data. Reduce unnecessary square footage and associated costs, resulting in significant savings on real estate expenses.

Improve the employee experience

Optimize space availability in real time so that no space is wasted when collaboration and space optimization matters most.

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Create your best workplace

Capture what’s happening in every workspace and use insights around passive occupancy, active occupancy, and people count for more effective space planning.

Automatic space release

Free up unoccupied and early vacant spaces automatically. Reclaim wasted meeting rooms and time, allowing others to use them effectively.

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Data visualizations

Map occupancy data directly onto interactive floorplans. Get real-time and accurate information at the space level, enabling you to make informed decisions about space utilization.

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Utilization trends

Identify space types, locations, or amenities that are over or underutilized by analyzing trends and patterns in Eptura's space utilization dashboard and adjust your plans accordingly.

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Occupancy status

Easily see if desks or rooms are available before reserving and quickly find free spaces with real-time occupancy status.

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Dynamic sensor reports

Generate detailed reports and analytics based on aggregated sensor data. Access occupancy rates, peak hours, and historical data analysis so that agile seating ratios and space allocation decisions are data-backed.

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Next generation sensor technology

Integrate with leading sensor providers for precise people counting, presence detection, customizable settings, easy installation, and anonymous data collection. Explore our integrations page for more information.

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Customer success stories

“I love what the system does and what it is capable of doing. The reporting adds so much value to the client. We use reporting to tell a ‘data story’, guiding them in making wise business decisions.”
Spatial Data Manager, Real estate customer

Ready to take the next step with occupancy sensors in your workplace? 

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Workplace Management Analytics

Analyze asset lifecycle performance, inventory, and control costs.

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Room Booking

Simplify scheduling and book the ideal room for any meeting.

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Environmental Social Governance

Capture potential sustainability opportunities and prioritize well-being.


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Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation.

Global worktech leader adds consulting offering to accelerate enterprise transformation and help customers generate returns from their worktech investments.


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